Jim Nicholson Sworn In as US Ambassador to the Holy See

Secretary of State Colin Powell swore in Jim, with Suzanne standing by his side, as the new US Ambassador to the Vatican on Friday, August 10, 2001. The Nicholsons depart for Rome on August 28.

Secretary Powell cited Jim's impressive background as a soldier, attorney, and businessman, as well as his inspiring record of public service. Jim, in his remarks, gave great credit to Suzanne and recounted how, over 34 years ago when he asked her to marry him, she replied "Are you sure?" Then, recently when he asked her if she wanted to move to Rome, she promptly replied, "I do."

Many of Jim and Suzanne's family attended, as well as a number of classmates, church and State Department officials, Senator Bob Dole, retired Generals Al Haig, Ed Rowney and Vernon Walters, and many other friends.

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