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19 August 2003

COL Robert R. Glass, II
USA (Retired)
7200 Lake Tree Drive
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Dear Bob,

          I was astounded when the Class of 1961 contingent, lead by Ed Brown, began the presentation in the Eisenhower Hall theatre on Friday morning. I wasn’t sure what was going on until Ed mentioned "Your Man on the Scene" and realized he was up there talking about me. I then thought the class was making a presentation of a certificate or plaque, and I was overwhelmed when he announced that I was being named an honorary member of the Class of 1961. As I have written those words, I, once again, welled up with emotion. When I accepted the honorary membership my words were brief. I said that I was humbled and honored. Too shocked to say more, and trying to contain my tears. It also was extremely meaningful to have the presentation made before all those Class and Society Leaders who were attending the conference, as well as the Superintendent, Dean and Commandant of Cadets.

          This is the greatest honor that I could ever be given related to my affiliation with West Point. I will carry the title "Honorary Member of the Class of 1961" with pride, and I will be reminded of it each day when I arrive at my office and see the words in the framed presentation now hanging on my office wall. As I look at it each day I will continue to be humbled and honored.

          As Ed mentioned at the presentation, if I had attended West Point I could have been a member of the Class of 1961. In retrospect, that probably would not have happened since I am sure that I would have had to spend a year at the prep school before I was ready to enter. None-the-less, I started working at West Point on December 17th, 1958, when the class as well into its Yearling year, so my West Point experience goes back almost as long as yours, and you know from my resume that I have been here since December 1958, except for eight months of my military service time and one month later when I took a short term job with the Corps of Engineers in San Francisco, CA. When I retired from my Federal Civil Service position at West Point, I wanted to continue to serve West Point in some capacity and was fortunate to obtain employment with the Association of Graduates. Soon after I joined the AOG the Class Support Program was established and I have been with it since its inception. The "Man on the Scene" title was added a while later as an attempt to make it clear to all classes that I was their physical link to West Point and that I am here to help and assist from that standpoint. The Class of ’61 truly has their "Man on the Scene" now, and between Jay Olejniczak and I, we should be able to take good care of the class.

          Anyone who knows me knows that I love West Point. Beyond that love for this great institution, I have the utmost respect for each and every graduate who has made it through the West Point experience. In all honesty, when I left High School I definitely wasn’t "West Point material", and even if I had been accepted into the Corps of Cadets, I am not sure I would have made it through. Knowing what I know now about this great institution, if I had another opportunity in life, I think I would be ready! How fortunate for me that I can accept this great tribute, being made an honorary member, and not have to try to make it through now.

          Please pass on to the class leadership, and all members of the Class of 1961 my gratitude for this great honor. I look forward to many years of association with the class and many more years supporting the cadets and graduates of West Point.













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