USMA 1961




If you were not there, you missed an outstanding event.

Don't miss the next USMA 1961 event.

The following people were at the Brunch:

        Bobbie & Jim Blesse,
        Rina & Ed Brown,
        Emmy Brown,
        Trish & Dick Buckner,
        Millie & Todd Counts,
        Sue & Paul DeVries,
        Ginna & Joe Fishburne,
        Dawn & Bob Glass,
        Rod Grannemann,
        Joanne & Bruce Halstead,
        Priscilla & Bob Hardiman,
        Cynthia & Dave Hastings,
        Carole & Chuck Hodell,
        Karen & George Joulwan,
        Mary Frances & Hank Kenny,
        Ruth & Bob Kee,
        Michele & George Kopcsak,
        Judy & Webb Kremer,
        Denise & Barney Legge,
        Okja & Bill Mackie,
        Dhana & Tom Magness,
        Gale & Bob McConnell,
        Barbara & John Neiger,
        Larry and Linda Noble,
        Judie & Wayne Ploger,
        Pat Prather,
        Joan & Frank Rauch,
        Cy Shearer,
        Mary Jane & John Solomon,
        Joe Stringham,
        Muffin & Paul Vallely,
        Nick Vay and friend,
        Pat & Jack Veatch,
        Joan & Jack Zimmerman.

Bob Glass, Rod Grannemann, and Frank Rauch

Emmy Brown, Pat Prather, and Barbara Neiger

Ruth Kee, Dawn Glass, and Carole Hodell

Dhana Magness, Tom Magness, Dick Buckner, and Trish Buckner

John Solomon, Bill Mackie, and Chuck Hodell

Millie Counts, and Todd Counts

Pat Prather, and Joan Zimmerman

John Solomon, Mary Jane Solomon, Mary Frances Kenny

Rina Brown, and Ed Brown

Okja Mackie, Michele Kopcsak, and Cynthia Hastings

Karen Joulwan, and Paul Vallely

Bruce Halstead, and Joanne Hallstead

Joe Fishburne, and Dhana Magness

  Chuck Hodell, Todd Counts, and Jim Blesse

Paul Vallely, Rod Grannemann, and Muffin Vallely

Millie Counts, Todd Counts, and Emmy Brown

Frank Rauch, and Joan Rauch

Friend, and Nick Vay

Paul DeVries, and Sue DeVries

Bobbie Blesse, and Jim Blesse

Gale, and Bob McConnell

Joan Zimmerman, and Jack Zimmerman

Michele, and George Kopcsak

Bob Kee, Ruth Kee

Judie Ploger, and Wayne Ploger

Ed Brown, and Rina Brown

Cynthia Hastings, and Dave Hastings

George Joulwan, and Karen Joulwan

Joe Stringham and Pat Veatch

Bill Mackie, Okja Mackie, and Rod Grannemann

Judy Kremer, and Webb Kremer

Mary Frances Kenny, and Hank Kenny

Dawn Glass, and Bob Glass

Chuck Hodell, and Carole Hodell

Ginna Fishburne, and Joe Fishburne

Priscilla Hardiman, and Bob Hardiman

Rod Grannemann

Linda, and Larry Noble

Denise Legge, and Barney Legge

Ed Brown

George Joulwan

Bobbie Blesse, Jim Blesse

John Neiger

Frank Rauche, Joan Rauch, Priscilla Hardiman, and Bob Hardiman

Bob Hardiman, Ed Brown

Joe Fishburne, Jack Veatch, and Joe Stringham

Ginna Fishburne, Joe Fishburnbe, Joe Stringham, Jack Veatch, and Cy Shearer

Paul Vallely, Rod Grannemann, Pat Veatch, Muffin Vallely, Joe Stringham, and Jack Veatch

Hank Kenny, and Bob Kee

Frank Rauch, Paul DeVries, Bruce Halstead, Jim Blesse, and Todd Counts

Jack Veatch, Rod Grannemann, George Kopcsak, and Bob Hardiman

Wayne Ploger, and Cy Shearer

Dick Buckner, Bob McConnell, and John Solomon

Nick Vay, and George Kopcsak

Joan Rauch, Sue DeVries, Bobbie Blesse, and Michele Kopcsak

Gail McConnell, Joan Zimmerman, and Mary Frances Kenny

Joe Stringham, Paul Vallely, John Neiger, and Jack Veatch

Millie Counts, and John Solomon

Dawn Glass, Barbara Neiger, and Denise Legge

Trish Buckner, Mary Frances Kenny, Judy Kremer, and Sue DeVries

A-2 (Bob and Gail McConnell, Jim and Bobbie Blesse, Jack
and Joan Zimmerman, Paul and Sue DeVries, and Joe Stringham)

Bill Mackie, Frank Rauch, Larry Noble, Hank Kenny, Cy Shearer, and Barney Legge

Ed Brown, Rod Granneman, Dick Buckner,Chuck Hodell, Joe Fishburne, and Bob Glass

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