The following people were at the "Millie and Todd Counts DC Area Crab Fest". Jon and Roseann Aaronsohn,Dan and Pam Barney, Ed and Rina Brown, Ed and Elease Bruner, Dick and Trish Buckner, Will and Kathy Conley, Todd and Millie Counts, Joe and Ginna Fishburne, Bob and Dawn Glass, Dave and Cynthia Hastings, Bill Hathaway, Webb and Judy Kremer, Bill and Okja Mackie, John and Barbara Neiger, Shane and Myra Olshansky, Joe and Lucy Paone, Frank and Joan Rauch, Ray and Marcia Starsman Paul and Muffin Vallely, and Mike and Elaine Xenos. Also in attendance were Millie and Todd's son, Drew, and wife, Julie Counts and 8 month old son Cole. Also, their youngest daughter, Christy, and husband Mike Finn."

· Paul and Muffin Vallely, Mike Finn

· Jon Aaronsohn, Pam and Dan Barney, Bill Hathaway, Roseann Aaronsohn

· Webb and Judy Kremer, Joe Paone (Lucy with back to camera), Rina and Ed Brown


· Dick Buckner


· Ginna Fishburne, John Neiger


· Joe Fishburne and Barbara Neiger


· Myra and Shane Olshansky


· Millie Counts


· Roseann Aaronsohn, Dan Barney, Mike Xenos, Todd Counts, Julie and Drew Counts


· Millie and Todd Counts


· Julie, Cole, and Millie Counts, Christy Counts Finn


· Joe Fishburne, Paul and Muffin Vallely


· Ed Bruner, Todd Counts, Ray Starsman, Dan Barney, Myra Olshansky, Elaine Xenos


· Will and Kathy Conley, Ray Starsman


· Bob Glass, Bill and Okja Mackie


· Myra and Shane Olshansky, Bill Hathaway


· Pat Dwyer, Joan and Nina Rauch

· Rina Brown, Lucy Paone, Webb Kremer, Mike and Elaine Xenos


· Dan and Pam Barney

· Dave and Cynthia Hastings


· Christy Counts Finn, Joe and Ginna Fishburne

· Pam and Dan Barney, Ginna Fishburne, Dawn Glass

· Elaine Xenos, Trish Buckner, Barbara Neiger


· Ray Starsman, Bob Glass, Will and Kathy Conley


· Shane and Myra Olshansky

· Todd Counts, Mike Finn


· Cynthia and Dave Hastings

· Nina and Joan Rauch


· Myra Olshansky, Paul Vallely, Jon and Roseann Aaronsohn, Shane Olshansky


· John and Barbara Neiger


· Bill Hathaway, Mike Xenos, Dick Buckner


· Bob Glass, Rina and Ed Brown


· Muffin Vallely, John Neiger


· Marsha Starsman, Dawn Glass, Elaine Xenos


· Jon Aaronsohn, Bill Hathaway, Roseann Aaronsohn


· Frank Rauch, Paul Vallely


· Marsha Starsman, Bob and Dawn Glass


· Jon Aaronsohn, Mike Xenos, Pam Barney, Todd Counts, Julie Counts


· Millie Counts, Barbara Neiger


· Pat and Garry Dwyer, Trish and Dick Buckner


· Joe Paone, Todd Counts


· Mike Finn, Ray Starsman, Dick Buckner


· Barbara Neiger, Marsha and Ray Starsman


· Marsha Starsman


· Joan Rauch, Millie Counts


· Rina Brown, Okja Mackie


· Todd Counts, Muffin and Paul Vallely, Frank Rauch, Ed Brown


· Ray Starsman, Bill Hathaway


· Ed and Elease Bruner


· Roseann and Jon Aaronsohn


· Bill Mackie, Mike Xenos, Dan Barney


· Frank and Joan Rauch


· Bob Glass, Paul and Muffin Vallely, Dawn Glass


· Dawn Glass, Lucy and Joe Paone, Elaine Xenos


· Rina Brown, Cynthia Hastings, Judy and Webb Kremer


Joan Rauch, Marsha and Ray Starsman, Nina Rauch, Mike Finn

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