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Recollections From the Ladies of the Class of 1961

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Class of 1961: What you are about to read are responses to a pursuit in the making over the past few years. Aided by several of our ‘mates and Ladies, we now begin to read “Recollections of Life with a Graduate of the Class of 1961.” You’ll read stories, maybe with a special twist and some personal viewpoints as authored by Ladies of 1961. Earlier in June 2021, Lucy Paone working with Ed Brown invited the Golden Girls [widows of our deceased ‘mates] to submit their own Recollections: humorous, insightful, sad, uplifting, challenging, exciting and the list could go on...

We guys have been doing this sort of writing routinely for over sixty years: That is telling our own stories. As your Scribe, I believe, the Ladies’ Recollections will become a window that opens up onto our Class history which in turn becomes part of West Point’s recorded history via the AOG. Perhaps as well, the Ladies are passing along and reminding us of lessons about the Army’s culture that we all experienced over these many years.

An FYI: Following distribution of Lucy's invitation there has been added interest as well among the Ladies of surviving Classmates.

Connie Budge
“Recollections” of Meeting and Marrying Larry

Judi Butterworth
Recollections of the Humorous Side of Life as The Lady of the Class of 1961

Gerry Carroll
"Best Bunny"


Gail Coulter
"A Sea of Faces"
Germany, August 1978

Chan Eiland
My Life’s Experiences: From Viet Nam to America, and Points in Between

Rita Hale
“Recollections” of Mike’s First Parachute Jump

Pat Heimdahl
What’s the field?

Katherine Ann Hoy
How Long Can Three Minutes Be?

Karen Joulwan
Memories of an Army Wife

Mary Frances Kenny
A Wife of We Were Soldiers

Roberta (Bobbi) Lionetti
The Adventure of a Lifetime: My Life as an Army Wife

Coralinn Tuttle Maus
Young Brides of USMA Class of 1961

Ann Oaks
Two half sixpence joined together make one…

Jennifer Offringa
The Power of a Little Girl’s Smile

Lucy Paone
Our First Trip To Italy September 1962

Pat Shroyer
“Recollections” of Their Early Encounters [Bruce: 8 February 1939 - 18 April 2019]

Karen Urette
Karen Urette’s Recollection of Mike’s Secret Mission

Grace Webster
The Boy from Nebraska/span>

Cathy White
A Story from Cathy White













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