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14 Classmates Make Appearance at 2002
Palm Coast Resort Golf Tournament

We did it again! This year, fourteen members of the Class of 1961 made an appearance at the Palm Coast Resort just south of the city of St. Augustine, 24 through 28 April. Glen Adams, Dan DiCarlo, Rusty Dyer, Bill Griffiths, Ron Hannon, Jay Hartford, Hampy Hodges, Tom Myrick, Jim Scott, Frank Sisk, Bill Tobin, Paul Vallely, Jerry White, and Gene Witherspoon. Thirteen of us played golf and Sisk joined us for the evening’s celebrations.

The memories of the 40th Reunion at West Point lingered as we renewed old friendships and solidified new ones. This year Jerry White provided the leadership for the group and as a result of his outstanding qualities as a player and team leader, the Class of 1961 closed the gap and moved to a 2nd place finish behind that ubiquitous group, the Class of 1963. We need to double our numbers in order to compete with that Class. We have the quality but lack the quantity to vie for the overall Championship. Once again, Dan DiCarlo was the low net leader of our Class with a two under par, 70. Only a fluke in the system prevented him from retaining the Individual Championship Trophy and making another loquacious acceptance speech. A member of the Class of 1960 was awarded a handicap of 36, and dethroned Dan as the champion by recording a net score of 63. Dan made an able effort by practicing all year and
increasing his handicap. However, a second place finish was all he could muster. Rusty Dyer also practiced and played all of last year in preparation for this tournament and also increased his handicap so as to finish with a net score of one over par, 71. Bill Griffiths and Jerry White are always in the running with their very strong games, while the rest of us need to PRACTICE and then PRACTICE some more, until we can record the scores that will produce a handicap commensurate with our play.

I know I do not have to tell any member of the Class of 1961 who has participated in this tournament that Dan DiCarlo won every side bet made on the golf course. In addition, he and Dyer teamed up to clobber Hannon and Tobin as well as a team from the Class of 1960 who thought they had easy pickings and wagered that they could whip our two handicap leaders, Dan and Rusty. Our CONGRATULATIONS!

Although our poker game was frequented by only a few, Witherspoon managed to hang in there and walked away the BIG winner, just as Zaldo did last year. We have noticed, however, that our hospitality room requires to be stocked with more soda than beer and more Glenlivet than Crown Royal. Hannon will take note for next year.

This year we were very fortunate to have the most popular and most accurate Military Analyst on TV speak at our first night’s banquet, FOX Network’s and our own, Paul Vallely. PV made an excellent presentation even though his good humor was tested by the rousing welcome provided by his classmates. He handled some very difficult questions with aplomb, and he showed why he is one of the very best members of the FOX NEWS TEAM.

In keeping with TRADITION, we returned to the Creekside Dinnery on Friday night. This year we all saw the Home Depot on the right and made the correct turn at Long John Silver’s place, thanks to Glen Adams. The food was excellent and for those of the group, who were fortunate to sit next to PV at the bar, they were awarded a drink on FOX NEWS.

We welcomed the newcomers, Adams, Hodges, Hartford, Scott and Sisk; and we really missed having Gibson, Sawtelle, Zaldo and Vanderbush. Once again we insisted that we play as a Class on the last day and once again our wish caused some problems. However the ties that bond this group are truly what makes us "Second To None" and we prevailed. SEE YOU IN NEW ORLEANS.