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Class of ’61 Classmates West Point Center for  Oral History Interviews

Kathy Boylan

Peter Boylan

Trish Buckner

Bob Chelberg

Jim Connolly

Todd Counts

Mike and Chan Eiland

Darius Gaskins
Note: This interview was not conducted by the West Point Center for Oral History, but you may find it interesting as Gaskins served as the Chairman of the ICC when railroads were deregulated and later as CEO of Burlington Northern Railroad.

Channing Greene

Mike Hale

Charles Hansell

Al Hokins

Pat C. Hoy II

John “Ed” Jones

Hank Kenny

George Kopcsak

Gary Lord

Phil Mallory

Mick Maus

Paul Vallely

Jack Veatch

Hans Wagner

Jerry White

Bill Williamson

 Gene Witherspoon