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Jerry White & Gene Witherspoon Planning New Orleans October 2010 Mini-Reunion

Still basking in the glow of the fantastic mini-reunion hosted by Gary and Button Hyde in Orlando, Jerry White and Gene Witherspoon are planning another mini for October 2010 that will culminate in the home of the Super Bowl champions for the Army-Tulane football game on Saturday, 9 October. 

The main event and focus will be the New Orleans portion but some, particularly those driving from Southeast locations, may be able to participate in a warm up golf outing hosted by Jerry in the Florida panhandle.  This is a warning order and solicitation for expressions of interest from classmates and class widows who might attend.  The general concept of operations is as follows:

      Golfers:  Arrive Jerry’s AO at Blue Water Bay Golf Club (near Niceville, FL) on Wednesday, 6 October.  Dinner at Jerry and Cathy’s that evening.  Golf on 7 October and dinner in a restaurant that night.  Early golf on 8 October and on to New Orleans (or not).  It is a four plus hour drive depending on traffic and observance (or not) of posted speed limits.

      Golfers and non-golfers:  Arrive New Orleans on 8 October or before.  Check into hotel (TBD) within easy reach of French Quarter and Super Dome.  (We will try to arrange group rate for core nights of 8 & 9 Oct and one day before and after for those who desire more time in the Big Easy.)  Dinner at French Quarter restaurant Friday night.  Saturday, do New Orleans things until game time.  (Start time is tentatively 2:30 PM but could change depending on TV coverage.)  Group lunch or dinner depending on game start.  Sunday depart or stay another day if desired.

If you believe you will be able to attend one or both segments of this proposed mini-reunion and to give us a feel for how many rooms might be required at each site, please give names and golf data (Y/N) under only one of the three blocks below as per the samples

Email to Jerry ( and Gene (

The latest sign-up list is as follows:

FL Golf Only (Y/N) for Golf

New Orleans Only

FL Golf & New Orleans (Y/N) for Golf


Burke Mucho

Bill Reno Y


Sandy Shapiro

LuAnn Reno N


Walt Ligon

Bill Tyler Y (Maybe on FL)(no hotel)


Ligon companion ?

Ann Tyler N (Maybe on FL)(no hotel)


John Petty

Gary Hyde Y


Beryl Petty

Button Hyde Y


Will Conley

Jerry White Y


Kathy Conley

Cathy White Y


Russ Cornelius (no hotel)

Gene Witherspoon Y


Carolyn Cornelius ( “ )

Georgia Witherspoon Y


Jack Fischer

Dale Shipley Y


Carolyn Fischer

Eloise Shipley N


Sam Wilder

Don Sawtelle Y


Phyllis Wilder

Jo Sawtelle N


John Java

Larry Budge (Y) (maybe)


Donna Java

Connie Budge (N) (maybe)


John Java III (9 Oct only)

Lee Sager (Y)


Frank Gibson (no hotel)

Judy Sager (Y)


Barbara Gibson (no hotel)

Charlie Hansell (Y)


Gene LaBorne

Karen Hansell (N)


Nancy LaBorne

















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