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Eight Classmates and Wives Joined with Family and Friends to Celebrate the May 22 Marriage of Joe Maio and Sheila Young

John, Gabe, Susie,  Ken, Carolyn, Jack, Sonia, and Warren

May 22nd, two thousand and four,
On this day they opened a new door,
We were fortunate enough to be there,
With them, on their day, to share.

At ten AM with such lovely weather,
At the Church we gathered our group together,
John Purdy, Ken Hruby, Carol and Jack Fischer,
Susie and Gabe Gabriel, Sonja and Warren Miller.

To celebrate the marriage of Sheila and Joe
The music, the words, the love did flow
She was so pretty, smiling so bright,
He was so handsome, his head reflecting the light.

We all raised our voices in song,
And offered our prayers for a union to last long,
The Homily was given with loving care,
The two of them had a future to share.

After the ceremony Margarita at Pine Creek
Is the location we did seek,
There on patios outside,
Of food and drink we did imbibe.

Setting was beautiful, the food so nice,
There by the mountains all the drinks were on ice.
Family and friends from near and far,
Had come to celebrate by plane and by car.

The bride and groom moved from table to table,
Spending as much time as they were able,
Pictures were taken, stories were shared,
We told Sheila as much as we dared.

Back to our hotels some of us did make,
A few even a nap did take,
Then it was off to Joe’s home in the hills,
Where from now on they will share the bills.

More family and friends we did meet,
And of course, once more we did eat.
As though the wedding cakes were not enough,
Bob’s {Sheila’s brother] birthday cake we did stuff.

Finally it was time for classmates and wives
To leave and let Joe and Sheila get on with their lives,
Our blessings we give to this wonderful pair,
Have a lovely life, with so much to share.


Sheila toss her bouquet to the single ladies

Joe and Shelia
"It must be love, they look so good."

Warren, Sonia, Gabe, Susie, Ken, Sheila, Joe, Carolyn, Jack and John

"Sheila, don't believe a word these guys tell you, none of it is true!"

Joe, Shelia, Sonia, and Warren

Jack, Carol, and Susie

Warren, Sonia, Joe, Shelia, and Susie

Ron Maio (Joe's brother), Ken Hruby, and Bob Nix (Joe's high school friend)
















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