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Bill Mackie Recognized as the 2005
Joint Chiefs of Staff Civilian of the Year

At a ceremony on 30 June 2006, General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recognized Bill Mackie as the 2005 Joint Staff Civilian of the Year and awarded him the Joint Meritorious Civilian Service Award.

Bill’s wife, Okja, and their daughter, Sophia, joined Bill for a courtesy visit with Gen Pace prior to the ceremony. 

Classmates attending were George Joulwan, Bob Glass, Ed Brown, Joe Boys, and Marty Ganderson.

Bill has served as the Deputy Division Chief, J-4 Engineering Division, since July 1996.  His duties range from an extensive environmental engineering portfolio to NATO construction.  At 68, Bill is the second oldest person serving on the Joint Staff.

Examples of accomplishments leading to Bill’s selection as Civilian of the year included his tireless work in support of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita operations in which he deftly orchestrated extensive engineering efforts for Gulf Coast recovery.  He was the point man in acquiring German and Dutch pumps to pump out New Orleans.  Bill did this by cutting through red tape and personally engaging with Dutch and German officials.

Always quick to respond to urgent tasks, Bill worked through the night to meet a Vice Chairman request for a Joint Staff position on use of military test and training ranges in the Gulf of Mexico.  This position was then presented to senior Congressional officials as the Joint Staff position on encroachment on US ranges in the Gulf of Mexico.  Bill’s work is shaping the emerging and fully coordinated DoD strategy on these critical military ranges.

Separately, the Director, Joint Staff Logistics Directorate complimented Bill by saying, “Professional, tireless, and cool under pressure, Mr. Mackie is a simply fabulous leader.  Admired for his imagination, confidence, insight, and willingness to tackle the most difficult tasks, he is one of the Joint Staff’s most treasured employees.  Mr. Mackie’s infectious enthusiasm, passion for excellence and eternal optimism are catalysts for success."

Always ready to seize an opportunity, Bill put in a plug for Army football at the end of the ceremony by informing Gen Pace, USNA, 1967, that Army would indeed beat Navy in 2006.  This appeared to be the only point of disagreement between Gen Pace and his senior citizen, Joint Staff Civilian of the Year.

Bill, his daughter Sophia and Bill's wife Okja

Marty Ganderson, Bob Glass, Bill Mackie, George Joulwan, Ed Brown, Joe Boys, and General Peter Pace














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