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Lionetti-Vandal Hall Dedication at Fort Sill  on 1 May 2023

Fort Sill hosted a special event Monday, 1 May 2023, the dedication of the Lionetti-Vandal Hall.

The hall is named in honor of two former leaders, Lieutenant General Thomas Vandal and Lieutenant General Donald Lionetti.

The building will now live as a tribute to the legacy they leave behind, and recognize the contributions they made to the Field and Air Defense Artillery communities.

“We have such a rich history of people, and sometimes they can be forgotten,” Retired Fort Sill Commanding General David Halverson said. “We want the younger people to ask; why is it named this? They do research and understand that selfless service, in any environment, throughout our country is the strongest part of what we’re about as a nation, as an army, and as a fires branch.”

Vandal and Lionetti are recognized as two of the leaders in the development of Air Defense Artillery.

Also, a video of the ceremony is at but the actual ceremony doesn't start until 3:45 has elapsed.

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