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Front Row (left to right) Shane Olshansky, Gary Lord, Jack Dorr, George Joulwan, Bill Tyler, Glynn Mallory

 Second Row (left to right) Dan Barney, Chan Greene, Bill Reno, Mike Ekman

Third Row (left to right) Harry Downing, Bruce Halstead, Dick Clarke



Front Row (left to right) Karen Joulwan, Ruth Lord, LuAnne Reno, Ann Tyler, Ann Tedrick, Linda Mallory, Gary Lord

Second Row (left to right) Shane Olshansky, Myra Olshansky, Dan Barney, Pam Barney, Joanne Halstead,
Gail Clarke, Ann Ekman, Linda Downing, Steff Dorr, Jack Dorr, Bill Tyler

Third Row (left to right) Chan Greene, Peggy Greene, Bill Reno, Harry Downing, George Joulwan,
Bruce Halstead, Dick Clarke, Mike Ekman, Glynn Mallory


Couples at 50th Reunion

             Barney, Dan & Pam                                                                Brady, Jim & Nancy                                                                                                                                            Compton, Mac & Sandy

                Dorr, Jack & Stephanie                                                   Lord, Gary & Ruth                                                           Lord, Gary & Ruth Dancing


                            Mallory, Glynn & Linda                                                   Ploger, Wayne & Judie                                                   Tyler, Bill & Ann


                                                                                                                                                            Nick Vay & Dianne Bonnivier


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