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I-2 Holds Fantastic Mini-Reunion 17-20 Apr 2008 in Huntsville AL

Dick Buckner reports that the I-2 Mini-Reunion held 17-20 April 2008 in Huntsville AL was a fantastic 3-day event  coordinated and hosted by Ann and Jim Oaks.  The weather was outstanding and Jim and Ann had everything planned to perfection. 

As anticipated, the stories of our exploits before and after graduation got bigger, better, and more outlandish - the ladies were the only ones who were able to keep the testosterone levels of the I-2 "supermen" at a manageable level.  I would mention some names and stories, however, I promised to be discrete. 

Thanks to Chuck and Marilyn Randolph we were all provided with T-shirts with the Class Crest (pictured).  We toured the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee followed by an outstanding family-style lunch at Mary Bo Bo's, ate all our meals together as a group, and finished the celebration of our gathering with each companymate providing a 3-5 minute summary of what has happened since 45th reunion. 

As was the tradition in the past I-2 reunions, the mini-reunion was capped off by singing "Benny Havens Oh".  It was a great experience, one that we will always remember.

1st Row L to R: Bob Hardiman, Chuck Randolph, Connie Leinbach, Jim Oaks- 2nd Row: Jim Goldstine, Barnie Legge, Dick Buckner- 3rd Row: Frank Williams, Ed Jones, Tom Stone - 4th Row: Darius Gaskins, Jack McLaughlin, Tom Cuthbert - 5th Row: Hal Gaither, Ray Regan, George Henderson

1st row L to R: Lyn Goldstine, Sharon Leinbach, Marilyn Randolph, Grace Cuthbert, Ann Oaks - 2nd Row: Cindy Stone, Stephanie Gaskins, Priscilla Hardiman, Carol Williams - 3rd Row: Denise Legge, Joan Regan, Trish Buckner, Jerry Jones 













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