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I-2 Continued a Tradition with Mini Reunion 24-27 Sep 09

Members of ’61 second to none in I-2 continued a tradition, started a decade ago, of gathering for class-company reunions held during the intervals between the major milestone events at West Point.  The fourth of these events was conducted at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina from September 24 - to - 27, 2009.  These so-called mini reunions provide our classmates in the company a leisurely opportunity to catch up on events, and recount accomplishments (possibly even war stories) that have transpired in the interim since the previous reunion, or in some cases, since 1961.  These events have proved to offer a more relaxed setting to renew acquaintances than the major events on the Hudson. 

This most recent assembly of the usual suspects was masterfully planned and orchestrated by George and Marianne Henderson.  They reside on Virginia’s northern neck, and selected Myrtle Beach as the site for the I-2 invasion.  They locked up discounted reservations at a lovely beachfront resort, planned three wonderful dinners, offered golf and tennis opportunities, and set up a very interesting boat ride.  Above all, some of the distinguished senior citizens who formerly haunted the 44th and 45th divisions in North Area from ’57 - to -’61 assembled to provide their perspectives on solving the world’s problems.  The wives are, by now, fully integrated into the group, and feel they are I-2 veterans.  The list of those who were able to attend follows, but we must call out special recognition to Frank and Carol Williams who live in VA.  Frank is waging a valiant battle against ALS, and though wheelchair - bound, he attended every event with the able assistance of their daughter Nancy and her husband.  Wherever he was, Frank exhibited the humor and charm we have always known.  His strength and spirit are an inspiration to us all.

By state of residence, in addition to those noted above, the following were present: AL - Jim and Ann Oaks; CA - Chuck and Marilyn Randolph; FL - Ron Hannon; GA - Bruce and Ann Kovac; MA - Darius and Stephanie Gaskins and Jack and Donna McLaughlin; NV - Ed and Jerry Jones; TX - Harold Gaither; VA - Dick and Trish Buckner, Tom and Grace Cuthbert, Bob and Priscilla Hardiman, and Barney and Denise Legge.

Connie and Sharon Leinbach (living in TN) cancelled at the last minute due to a family medical issue.  Bill and Gloria Ogden also planned a short visit from NC, but could not make it. 

A short note for those with long memories: Connie Leinbach and Bob Hardiman spent plebe year in I-2, and were later transferred to B-2 (they were not consulted).  As far as I-2 is concerned, they will always be counted as ours.













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