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Edward G. Haislop III

Company H-2

17 Jun 1936 - 28 Feb 1969

Place of Death: Army airplane crash Milan, Italy

Interment: Parkersburgh, West Virginia


Class Memorial Pages\H-2 Ed Haislop.pdf

I have many fond memories of Ed. My first ride in the subway in New York City was with Ed. He proclaimed himself as my guide when I told him that I had never been on a subway. Can't you picture the naive "pineapple" from Hawaii and the sophisticated virtuoso from Parkersburgh, West Virginia botching their way through the tunnels of New York City. It was a significant emotional event. The Kingston Trio must have heard about our episode when they wrote: "Will they ever return. No, they will never return. And their fate is still unlearned. They will ride forever beneath of the streets of Boston (NYC in our case)." I was convinced that the only way out was via the morgue or jail.

Ed was a risk-taking adventurer with an unmatchable sense of humor. Never bashful, he made friends out of strangers within minutes. He would have a made a great politician. The greatest shining moment in his life was providently reflected in our yearbook {USMAPS}, The Challenge:1957. It reads: "And then I met this one named Eileen."

Clancy Matsuda

Ed always had a smile on his face, almost as though he were guilty of having done something. He would have a joke to lighten things when the cadre or professors were getting to someone. He's probably the one who put my name on the toilet seat and took a picture of it for the yearbook.

Gabe Gabriel