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21st Annual USMA Golfing Grads  Tournament at Robert Trent Jones Trail in Prattville, AL 16-18 Apr 09

The Class of 1961 participants this year were: (all left to right)
Very back row-Bob Kewley, Dale Shipley, Bob Steege, Ron Hannon, Jay Hartford, Hampy Hodges
Middle row on left-Tom Baird, Bill Griffiths, Hank Rennagel
Middle row on right-Gene Witherspoon, Bill Tobin, Red Zaldo
Front row-Eric Rennagel, Jerry White, Don Sawtelle, Gary Hyde

Click here for many pictures of the good times had by all.

(The following is from Ron Hannon with a first person perspective on this year's tournament experience.)

Team Captain and organizer, Lyman Jerry White led our contingent as he has done so many times in the past. He started off the weekend activities at his beautiful home in Niceville, FL. Bill Tobin, Ron Hannon and Dale and Eloise Shipley arrived at the White homestead and were wonderfully greeted by Kathy and Jerry. The foursome of golfers played a practice round at Jerry’s golf course the next day. Some how Tobin fixed the game so that he ended up winning most of the cash, which he then converted into liquid refreshments for his opponents.  Tobes has taken over the role once played by our old friend, Dan DiCarlo.

The four of us then headed up to Prattville, AL just outside of Montgomery. Our Class is now the senior Class in attendance as we have taken Bill Zaldo. ’59 in with us. The Class of ’60 was represented by Bob Anderson and his brother. Bob was there as the main speaker. He gave a very engaging talk as he reminisced of his playing days at ARMY under Coach “Red” Blaik. He then went on to speak very highly of our new football Coach and expressed his conviction that we would soon witness resurgence in the caliber of ARMY football.

This year we were fortunate in having a set of suites for our Class, where we could all gather to enjoy the ‘goodies’ provided by our caterer, Gary Hyde. We had two newcomers join us this year, Hank Rennagel and his son Eric. Then the old reliables: Tom Baird, Bill Griffiths, Jay Hartford, Hampy Hodges, Bob Kewley, Don Sawtelle, Bob Steege, Gene Witherspoon and “Red” Zaldo. Oh, I do not want to forget that Jim Haise joined us for our Class dinner on Friday night as he had done last year. It is always great to see Jim as he has many good stories to tell of Tom Baird.

With the exceptions of Tobin, Kewley and the ever steady Sawtelle our golf games are not what they used to be. However, the camaraderie is what keeps all of us coming back. We do not expect to see our names on the winning trophy, but there was a time when ’61 was at the top. It is our pleasure to see the Class of 1964 bonded together and hear them tell stories of their memories of the Class of 1961. Ya’ll should come and join us, we will guarantee you will have a very nostalgic and heart warming experience.














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