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18 Classmates Take Class Team 1st Place at World Golf Village Golfing Grads 2005 Meet

18 Classmates met April 21 - 24 for the Golfing Grads 2005 meet at the World Golf Village, St. Augustine, FL. Other Classes included 1959-1966, 1971, 1973 and 1983.

Classmates attending were: Jay Hartford, Mike Brady, Tom Myrick, Rusty Dyer, Bob Kewley, Bob Steege, Bill Griffiths, Hampy Hodges, Bill Tobin, Paul Vallely, Gabe Gabriel [non-playing], Spoon Witherspoon, Dan DiCarlo, Dale Shipley, Jerry White, Pat Carroll, Gary Hyde and Red Zaldo. 

Besides wining Overall Class Team 1st Place, many other awards were earned:
Four Man Competition:
   1st Place – Class of 1961; Dyer, Hartford, Zaldo and Hyde
Two Man Competition:
   1st Place – Class of 1961; Steege and Kewley
Closest to the Pin:
   Day 1 – Class of 1961; Hodges
   Day 2 – Class of 1961; Kewley
   Day 3 – Class of 1961; Tobin and Dyer
Longest Drive:
   Day 3 – Class of 1961; Zaldo
Gross Score:
   1st Place – Dyer (79)
   2nd Place – Tobin (80)
   5th Place – White (83)
   5th Place – Steege (83)
Net Score:
   1st Place – Class of 1961; DiCarlo (65)
   8th Place – Class of 1961; Griffiths
Overall Class Team
   Class of 1961

In addition to golf, they were hosted on Gerry and Pat Carroll’s boat for cocktails and snacks one evening, had a wonderful supper planned at a downtown restaurant by Sally and Tom Myrick and enjoyed breakfasts and lunches together.

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