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G-1 Well Represented at Class 55th Reunion

55th Halpn 12 May G-1 at Dinner Slide Show

Flying Finn Finally Retires After 53 Years of Service as Cadet, Military, and Civil Service

Attached photo with GEN Dempsey, CJCS, was given to me on my 77th birthday, 11 August 2014 and in recognition that I was retiring effective 31 Aug 14.  Humbling indeed and, along with my retirement ceremony hosted by Gen Paxton, a neat way to wrap up 53+ years of cadet, military, and civil service.  

I did not want a retirement ceremony, but in the waning days of my Joint Staff tenure my officemates prevailed and arranged one for me.  Glad they did.  It was fun filled, humorous, and left a very warm glow in our hearts.  Gen Paxton is the Assistant Commandant, USMC.  He and I have been in contact for many years via our shared interest in physical fitness.  Interestingly, his undergraduate and graduate degrees are in civil engineering from Cornell University, not far from my upstate NY hometown, Spencer.  Gen Paxton definitely has the "common touch"!

G-1 Declares Themselves to be Best Cadet Company in Class of 1961

(ANTPF - All the News That's Print to Fit).

On Friday, 20 September 2007, national media reporters fought for seats in the Pentagon's Press Room to hear William Sievers announce the results of a long-awaited, in-depth study conducted by independent, unbiased researchers tasked with determining which company in USMA '61, Second to None, was indeed the very best.

Mr. Sievers eloquently reported that the competition was fairly conducted and immense credit was to be given to the unbiased team of military analysts and historians that dug deep into USMA '61's impressive history and legacy. To no-one's surprise, the final results overwhelmingly concluded that Company G-1 was indeed the very best in USMA '61, Second to None.

To ensure fairness, the researcher's even-handed approach even included listening patiently to sniveling complaints from South and North Area runts claiming that the researchers were biased toward Central Area flankers. Protests from North Area flankers were mild by comparison and only served to further justify the final, unanimous analysis that Company G-1 is Number One in Second to None.

From the center of the world,
Best regards to all,
The Flying Finn
Co. G-1, Number One in Second to None

"The Flying Finn crushes his rivals in a road race competition at the U. of Illinois (circa 1971)."

Spring 2018 -  a year ago -  Bill Mackie and Dan Halpin found some cadet pix for G-1 and put together a Picture Book.  We send copies to several G-1 Classmates or the wives of those deceased.

Ring Banquet and Hop -  10 September 1960  

Back Row: Rod Bartholomew,  Dan Halpin, Serge Olive, Pam Coreon ( Danís Date), Bill Sievers. Front Row: Rose De Manta (Bartholomew), Mrs. Dorothy Cooper Friend of Halpin family, Gladys M. Halpin (Dan's Mother), Bill Sieverís Date.

Shirley Custer - Bert Custer's wife - receiving a book via Jeanne and Terry Kirkpatrick....Jeanne is in the picture.













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