USMA 1961

March 4, 2001



If you were not there, you missed an outstanding event.

Don't miss the next USMA 1961 event.

The following people were at the Brunch:

        Bobbie & Jim Blesse,
        Rina & Ed Brown,
        Elease & Ed Bruner,
        Trish & Dick Buckner,
        Millie Counts,
        Sue & Paul DeVries,
        Ginna & Joe Fishburne,
        Dawn & Bob Glass,
        Cynthia & Dave Hastings,
        Judy & Webb Kremer,
        Barney Legge,
        Okja & Bill Mackie,
        Gale & Bob McConnell,
        Rachel & Ken Meissner,
        Barbara & John Neiger,
        Larry and Linda Noble,
        Lucy & Joe Paone,
        Wayne Ploger,
        Pat Prather,
        Joan & Frank Rauch,
        Mary Jane & John Solomon,
        Pat & Jack Veatch,
        Elaine Xenos.

Bob McConnell and Jim Blesse

Bob McConnell, Gale McConnell, and Joe Paone

Dave Hasting, Cynthia Hasting, Rina Brown, and Ed Brown

Jack Veatch, Judy Kremer, Frank Rauch, and Webb Kremer

Judy Kremer, Frank Rauch, and Webb Kremer

Pat Veatch and Jack Veatch

Joan Rauch, Luch Paone, Bill Mackie, and Okja Mackie

Wayne Ploger, John Solomon, Bob Glass, and Jim Blesse

Gale McConnell, and Bobbie Blesse

Barbara Neiger and Pat Prather

John Solomon and Dick Buckner

Cynthia Hasting, Elaine Xenos, and Rina Brown

Cynthia Hasting, Rina Brown, Pat Prather, Barbara Neiger, Trish Buckner, Elaine Xenos, and Milie Counts

  Larry Noble, Linda Noble, Mary Jane Solomon, and Dawn Glass

Ed Bruner and Elease Bruner

Bill Mackie and Webb Kremer

Joe Fishburne, Millie Coiunts, and Ginna Fishburne

Elaikne Xenos, Frank Rauch, and Joan Rauch

Dick Buckner and Trish Buckner

Linda and Larry Noble

Dick Buckner, Barney Legge, and Trich Buckner

Paul and Sue DeVries

Bobbie and Jim Blesse

Gale McConnell and Bobbie Blesse

Lucy and Jore Paone

Rachel and Ken Meissner

Bobbie Blesse, John Neiger, and Joan Rauch

USMA 1961 Crowd

USMA 1961 Crowd

USMA 1961 Crowd

USMA 1961 Crowd

USMA 1961 Crowd

USMA 1961 Crowd

Paul DeVries, John Neiger, Frank Rauch

Joe Fishburne, John Solomon, and Bob Glass

1961 Ladies

John Neiger, Frank Rqauch, and Joan Rauch

Bob McConnell, Gale McConnell, Bobbie Blesse, and Barbara Neiger

USMA 1961 Crowd

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