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Information about events around the Inurnment Memorial Service honoring Holland ďDutchĒ Coulter Thursday, June 21, 2018 at 1:30 PM West Point Cemetery 

Our family is indeed honored and grateful that you can participate in some part of this poignant and beautiful experience of our lives.  We appreciate that you share in our grief and in our thanksgiving.   


Group lodging is already reserved at the IHG Army Hotel, Tuesday, June 19 and Wednesday, June 20, departing on the 21st.  GPS address: 2113 New South Post Road, Highland Falls, NY (beyond yellow traffic light first entrance to the right)  845-446-5943 

A typical motel breakfast is included.   This is plain, but should be a comfortable gathering and resting place for us all.

Lodging reservations need to be confirmed by May 13.  Please let Gail know if you would like to be added to this list:   Coulters, Holloways, Fishburnes, Schultzes, Byrnes


Wednesday, June 20

10:30  The new West Point museum, in the vicinity of the Hotel, will be open. 

11:45óA group lunch table is reserved at the Thayer Hotel.  Individual checks.*** Menus can be viewed at 

1:45  A two hour private bus tour of the post and cemetery.  Some walking involved, so wear comfortable footwear.  Drinkable water will be provided.  No cost.  Will depart promptly at 2:00 from the Visitorís Center, which is within walking distance of the hotel.  ***  Visitorís Center: 2107 New South Post Road, West Point, NY  I may need to ahead of time get some admittance information like names and addresses to give for a manifest for the bus to enter the post. 

7:00   Dinner together at Ermirioís Italian Restaurantís party room. This is quite near the entrance to the post.   For a menu look at Individual checks.  *** 287-291 Main Street, Highland Falls, NY  845-859-4907.

Thursday, June 21

11:00  Memorial Reception/Lunch  Herbert Hallís Great Hall at the West Point Alumni Center  ***  10:45 meet in your vehicles at the Visitors Center for an escorted trip to Herbert Hall.  Visitors Center:  2107 New South Post Road, West Point, NY.  Should you miss this escort, be prepared to spend 15 minutes or so to go through the gate to the post.  Each person must show a valid driverís license, military ID or passport.  At the gate you can get directions to Herbert Hall. 

1:15 depart for the cemetery and the service there. 

1:30 Inurnment service at the West Point Cemetery.

Departure following the service.

Contact information:  J. Gail Coulter   828-551-4363 mobile,

***Please let Gail know ASAP if you plan to participate in this (these) events.  Cancellations can be had.














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