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Army Rugby “Field of Dreams” to Break Ground


West Point, NY- The Association of Graduates (AOG) of the United States Military Academy (USMA) announced on Friday, May 5th that Mr. and Mrs. Lee Anderson have raised their total gift from $7.5 million to $8.2 million in support of the construction of a new Army Rugby Sports Complex. In addition, the Andersons have accelerated their pledge schedule so that the complex can begin construction in fall 2005.  An effort is picking up steam among other Army rugby supporters to complement the Andersons lead gift by collecting some $2.7M in additional funds to complete this project.

The plan for the Complex includes a two-story rugby center and two full-sized, floodlit rugby pitches (fields). The Center will include a strength development room, a training room, home and visitors showers, four locker rooms, catering facilities, a cardiopulmonary fitness area, a coaches' office, remotely controlled camera stations, classroom space, exhibit space, a Great Room (multi-purpose room), and an observation balcony overlooking the pitch.


In addition to the Center and two pitches, the exterior facility will also include a seating area with permanent seating for 550, space for portable stands to accommodate thousands of special-event spectators, and two rugby specific scoreboards.  The completed project will set the bar for rugby training facilities in the US.

“Lee and Penny Anderson are great friends of West Point.  The Andersons continue to provide extraordinary leadership through their generosity and selfless service to the United States Military Academy in both the academic and athletic arenas”, said Mike Mahan, Vice President for Development at the AOG. “A commitment of this magnitude stirs up the emotions of all who have experienced West Point and have taken something away - the Andersons are now giving back.”

Lee and Penny Anderson were Leadership Donors during the Bicentennial Campaign for West Point, making extremely generous gifts to both the Department of History's Staff Ride Endowment and the Kimsey Athletic Center.
“I appreciate the Andersons’ generous contribution to our efforts to educate, train and inspire officers for our nation’s Army,” said LTG Gen. William J. Lennox Jr., the Superintendent of the US Military Academy. “The Military Academy is deeply grateful to Lee and Penny Anderson for their support of West Point, the U.S. Corps of Cadets and Army Rugby.” 

Mr. Anderson, a football, basketball and track participant while at the Academy, firmly believes that athletics played a critical role in his success throughout life. “It’s a great privilege for Penny and me to help make this state of the art complex available to the Army ruggers.  It is our sincere hope that we can be present someday to see a national championship played there with one team wearing the ‘black, gold and gray.’  We’d like to be standing there with all the past Army players and experience along with them the thrill of victory.”




For over 45 years, Army Rugby has been West Point's most winning sport and continues to preside among other top programs in the country, but has yet to win a national championship.

"I still can’t stop smiling,” said Army Head Coach Rich Pohlidal.  “With the increased capacities of the Anderson Rugby Complex, we will have leveled the playing fields for the Army Rugby Team. Our goal is to reach a level of training sophistication that sets a new bench mark for collegiate rugby in this nation; Mr. and Mrs. Anderson share that goal.  The Anderson Rugby Complex is a success story for the national and international rugby community.”

Army Rugby secured 13 wins in league play and finished with a season-ending loss to BYU in the national quarter finals.  They have their eye on the ball for the fall season of 2005.  “Getting so close to the final was very exciting for the team, our new complex will allow us to train during the winter months and keep stride with those teams out west that consistently have success in the National Championship Series.”


For more information on the Anderson Rugby Complex or to give a donation, please contact Mr. Mike Hogan of the Association of Graduates @ 845-446-1553 or Coach Rich Pohlidal @ 845-446-1557.

Natural Turf Field One with Lights
Synthetic Field Two with Lights
Electronic Scoreboard Field One
Electronic Scoreboard Field Two
Access Road to Building
Limited Parking for Medical support, Handicap and VIPs
Scrum Drill Area

Building 13,650 sq ft:

First Floor:
Entrance Lobby
Locker Room #1 (Capacity 80)
Referee Locker Room
Locker Room #3 (Capacity 40)
Locker Room #2 (Capacity 40)
Shower Room #1 and Toilets (Capacity 80)
Locker Room #4 (Capacity 40)
Shower Room #2 and Toilets (Capacity 40)
Commercial Quality Laundry Room
Mens' Room with External Access
Ladies' Room with External Access
Field Maintenance & Storage with External Access
External Permanent Seating for 550 people
External Handicapped Seating
External Pads for Additional Temporary Seating
Trainer's Room
Second Floor:
Multi-purpose Room
Fitness Center (Sixteen stations)
Catering Kitchen
Observation Balcony (1800 sq ft)
Coaches’ Office
Mens' Room
Ladies’ Room
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