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17-22 Mar 2024


13 Feb 2024



Current RSVP report and hotel reservations are attached.

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Tours & Attractions in Charleston, SC

Looking for things to do in Charleston? Why not stand on the site of the first shot in the Civil War? Come face to face with a giant sea turtle. Take a tour of an antebellum mansion. Climb aboard a WWII aircraft carrier. There are so many blossoming gardens, so many photo opportunities and so many reasons to come back to see us again.


 The primary reasons for picking March/April dates are the Spring Festival of Houses and Gardens, beautiful spring flowers, and weather.
Here are a few of the main activities of interest.

Charleston Old Walled City Tour

This is a walking tour of the Old Walled City with Joe as your guide (Tips Welcomed). 

It is 2 miles long and lasts about 2.5 hours.


Charleston Private Bus Tour

This is a private bus tour of Charleston.  It is a narrated driving tour with stops for walking tours.  Pick up is at the Class hotel, Homewood Suites.  Toru goes to Hampton Park/Citadel, Brittle Back Park by Riverdogs Baseball Stadium on Fishburne Street, down Lockwood Street along the Ashley River to Franklin St., by the Old City Jail, down to Battery at end of Peninsula and by many of the famous old street mansions, up to Broad and Meeting Streets, over to White Point Gardens to see Pineapple Fountain, up along Cooper River to Rice Planters Warehouse Facade, over to East Bay Street to Cigar Factory and back to Homewood Suites. 

Tour will be from 9AM to Noon.  $40.00 per person.


Sunset Cruise

You will see a maritime forest as we meander down a salt-marsh creek or two depending on the tides. You will see sites such as the forts, the Battery, the islands, and the lighthouses. Charleston's church steeples add to its unique skyline as they come alive at this hour of the day. The harbor's abundant wildlife comes out to play during the "bluing hour". Dolphins and birds entertain us with their whimsy. With the Holy City as your backdrop, you will enjoy peaceful and breathtaking views of sunset-silhouetted steeples while cruising along its waterway?  Cost will vary depending on number of takers.


Confederate Submarine H.L. Hunley



The Date: February 17, 1864.

The Location: Just outside Charleston Harbour approximately four miles off Breach Inlet in Sullivan's Island on the moonlit sea.

The Conditions: Cold. Bone chilling. Quiet.

The Situation: Desperate. Frightening. A turning point in history.

The Hunley making her way out to sea on the night of February 17th, 1864.
(Image courtesy of Dan Dowdey).


The Ship: A lookout aboard the Union Navy's largest ship was tired, cold -- but restless. Talk of a Confederate secret weapon was in and out of his thoughts. Suddenly he spotted something move in the chilly waters. A porpoise? There were certainly a lot of them around. But something about this one didn't seem right.


The USS Housatonic.



Contact: Below the waterline - as bullets bounced off its cylindrical body, the H.L. Hunley rammed her long metal spar into the stern area, planting a 135 pound torpedo into the Warship Housatonic. The men inside the Hunley lunged forward from the impact, then quickly backed their sub out as the 150-foot attached detonation rope played out. Within seconds, the world rocked and every man, above and below, became enveloped in a concussion of destruction.


Illustration of the H.L. Hunley
detonating its torpedo onside the hull of the USS Housatonic.
(Image courtesy of Dan Dowdey).


That night history was made. At the same moment, a mystery was born. The Hunley became the first submarine ever to sink an enemy ship. But why had she suddenly disappeared? What caused her to sink? And would she ever be found?

The museum is not open to the public during the week.  However, it does offer private group tours.  Requirement is 20 guests.  Cost $20 pp.

The Hunley Today:

The world would have to wait until the tools of modern technology could begin to unlock the secrets of the Hunley. In 1995, author and adventurer Clive Cussler found the Hunley resting on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Intact and remarkably well preserved, the Hunley was found buried deep within the sand and silt just outside of Charleston Harbor.

The recovery of the Hunley has turned out to be one of the most important single events in the history of South Carolina. Today, well over a century after Lt. Dixon and his courageous crew vanished, the South Carolina Hunley Commission and a private, non-profit group called the Friends of the Hunley are solving the mystery of the Hunley like a puzzle that reveals new information one piece at a time. They are engaged in the single most important archaeological investigations of the century and are everyday coming closer to solving the mystery of why the Hunley never came home.


The Avian Conservation Center & Center for Birds of Prey

Wild birds are among the world’s most illuminating sentinel species. Birds are numerous, conspicuous, diverse, widespread, and particularly sensitive to environmental changes. The status of wild bird populations directly reflects the overall condition of our ecosystem and biodiversity as a whole. Environmental issues that impact wild bird populations often have potential human health implications as well making the study of these populations increasingly relevant and critical to our own sustainability.


The Charleston Tea Garden

The Charleston Tea Gardenis located on historic Wadmalaw Island in the heart of the Lowcountry of South Carolina.  We're just a few miles south of the historic city of Charleston. The history of the Island dates back to mid-June of 1666 when it is believed that Captain Robert Sanford and the crew of the Berkeley Bay landed on the shores of what is now known as Rockville, South Carolina. On June 23, 1666, he and his crew claimed the land for England and the Lords Proprietors. Today, Wadmalaw is considered to be one of Charleston's most unspoiled islands. It is approximately 10 miles long and 6 miles wide. The Island's only connection to the mainland is a bridge that crosses over Church Creek.

Home to The Charleston Tea Garden, Wadmalaw provides the perfect environment for propagating tea. With its sandy soils, sub-tropical climate and average rainfall of 52 inches per year, Wadmalaw possesses idyllic conditions for the Camellia Sinensis tea plant. This plant is currently used to produce both black and green teas and exists in over 320 varieties on the 127 acre grounds of the Charleston Tea Garden.


Edmunston - Alston House

Constructed nearly 200 years ago, circa 1825, the Edmondston-Alston House presents a unique history of the people, both free and enslaved, who lived and labored on this property. Its collection of furniture, silver and decorative arts, largely original to those who owned the house, constitutes a rich, complex history of Charleston in the 19th century.


Commanding a magnificent view of Charleston Harbor, the Edmondston-Alston House has witnessed many historic moments in the port city’s history. One of the oldest houses along the High Battery, it withstood the American Civil War, the Earthquake of 1886, and numerous hurricanes; it has survived to share a piece of Charleston history



The Spring Festival of Houses and Gardens is very popular and normally sells out early.

Tickets are on sale.

If you might be interested in one of the tours, read on.

Formerly known as the Festival of Houses and Gardens, in 2024 the Foundation’s largest and longest annual event is now The Charleston Festival, celebrating Houses, History and Culture. This will mark the 77th year of the annual Festival, bringing educational events to the community in support of the Foundation’s mission-driven work.

The Festival’s beloved House & Garden Tours will be back with new and exciting options added to the traditional line up.

Step beyond the doorways and garden gates of Charleston to experience the city's renowned architectural heritage, inside and out. House & Garden Tours during the mini timeframe are divided between Street Tours and Splendor Tours.


Street Tours


Each Street Tour is named after a central street and includes a selection of private houses, lovely gardens and notable public buildings within walking distance of each other. Each tour is self-guided from property to property and guests are able to go at their own pace within the time alloted. At each property, guests will have the benefit of our volunteer docent's knowledge to enhance your experience.

For the 2024 Festival season, during the time of the Mini, there will three street tours available.


Church Street


Often called "the most romantic street in America," Church Street is a visible record of Charleston's history from Colonial dwellings to Georgian gardens and historic churches


Charlotte Street


Impressive 19th century villas were the nucleus of this neighborhood, inhabited by wealthy Charlestonians seeking suburban residences. Numerous charming Victorian dwellings were added in the late 1800s.


South Battery Street


South Battery Street is home to some of Charleston's most beautiful postbellum era mansions including 20th century waterfront homes that overlook White Point Gardens and Charleston Harbor.


Garden Splendor Tours

Passionate gardeners and horticulture devotees will savor four spectacular gardens in the historic district. Enthusiasts will gather in small, intimate groups to learn the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of designing and maintaining a select group of Charleston's most celebrated gardens.

Garden Splendor Tour I

Mar 21, 2024, 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Location is TBD



Tickets are limited and normally sell out fast.

So if you are interested in any of these tours you should order your tickets now.

Prior to scheduled tours, you will pick up physical tickets with addresses, maps and more details.


The Original Firefly Distillery

The Firefly Story

Nothing is better on a hot, lazy summer day than sittin’ on the front porch, sippin’ a glass of sweet tea.  Jim Irvin and Scott Newitt couldn’t agree more—as long as it’s sweet tea with a kick.  Firefly is the brainchild of Jim and Scott, southern gentlemen with a passion for the South and all that makes it unique.

“It doesn’t get more Southern than sweet tea,” that is 'genuinely Southern.'  Our vodka is distilled on Wadmalaw Island.  Our tea comes from our friends at the Charleston Tea Plantation.  The sugar we use is from Louisiana, it is pure cane sugar.  We do not use any artificial ingredients."

The Distillery

Firefly Distillery is largest micro-distillery in South Carolina.  Firefly Distillery has a tasting room, where people may taste Firefly products and purchase bottles. Visitors may partake in wine tastings and winery tours within the 11 acres of muscadine grapes.

Original Sweet Tea

Firefly is the world’s first hand-crafted sweet tea flavored vodka. Keeping true to its Southern roots, Firefly is distilled four times, infused with tea grown on a plantation five miles from the distillery and blended with real Louisiana sugar cane. It tastes just like real sweet tea, but with an even sweeter kick!


Ft Moultrie

The first fort on Sullivan's Island was still incomplete when Commodore Sir Peter Parker and nine warships attacked it on June 28, 1776. After a nine-hour battle, the ships were forced to retire. Charleston was saved from British occupation, and the fort was named in honor of its commander, Colonel. William Moultrie. After the Revolution, Fort Moultrie was neglected, and by 1791 little of it remained.  A second Fort Moultrie was completed in 1798. It too suffered from neglect and was finally destroyed by a hurricane in 1804. By 1809 a new brick fort stood on Sullivan's Island.



In December 1860 South Carolina seceded from the Union, and the Federal garrison abandoned Fort Moultrie for the stronger Sumter. In April 1863, Federal iron-clads and shore batteries began a 20-month bombardment of Sumter and Moultrie, yet Charleston’s defenses held. In February 1865, Fort Moultrie lay hidden under the band of sand that protected its walls from Federal shells.


Today Fort Moultrie has been restored to portray the major periods of its history. A visitor to the fort moves steadily backwards in time from the World War II Harbor Entrance Control Post to the site of the 1776 Palmetto-log fort



Ft Sumter

Where The American Civil War Began

Decades of growing strife between North and South erupted in civil war on April 12, 1861, when Confederate artillery opened fire on this Federal fort in Charleston Harbor. Fort Sumter surrendered 34 hours later. Union forces would try for nearly four years to take it back.

Here, at the fort named for South Carolina Revolutionary War patriot Thomas Sumter, the opening shots of the Civil War were fired on April 12, 1861. The fort, shown above as it appeared on the eve of the war, was begun in 1829, one of a series of coastal fortifications built by the United

States after the War of 1812. As with many Federal projects, enslaved laborers and craftsmen were among the men who worked on this structure.


The fort was still unfinished when Maj. Robert Anderson moved his 85-man garrison into it the day after Christmas 1860, setting in motion events that would tear the nation asunder four months later. The flag is the one that flew over the fort during the 1861 bombardment.


The Gardens at Middleton Place



Middleton Place is a National Historic Landmark and home to America’s Oldest Landscaped Gardens. The Garden Club of America has called the 65 acres “the most important and most interesting garden in America”.  Centuries-old camellias bloom in the winter months and azaleas blaze on the hillside above the Rice Mill Pond in the spring. In summer, kalmia, magnolias, crepe myrtles and roses accent a landscape magnificent throughout the year.  Ticket cost is $28 + $15 for house tour.  Lunch can be arranged in advance (there is a nice restaurant). 


House Museum

Built in 1755, the House Museum interprets four generations of Middleton Family, with extraordinary family furniture, silver, porcelain, rare books and portraits on display. Birthplace of a signer of the Declaration of Independence, Middleton Place and the Middletons have played an important role in American history. The property has miraculously remained under the same family stewardship for some 320 years, and today, successfully preserves history for visitors to enjoy.

Plantation Stableyards

In the newly rejuvenated 18th and 19th century Plantation Stableyards costumed interpreters demonstrate the skills once performed by enslaved Africans. The Stableyards bring to life the sights and sounds of a Low Country rice plantation.  Craft artisans include a weaver, blacksmith, potter, and cooper/carpenter. Many heritage breeds are found in the living history Plantation Stableyards including Cashmere goats, Guinea Hogs, River Water Buffalo, Brown Swiss and Jersey cows, as well as Dominique and Rhode Island Red chickens.


Hopsawee Plantation


Built circa 1740, some 40 years before the American Revolutionary War, Hopsewee Plantation was one of the South’s major rice plantations and the birthplace of Thomas Lynch, Jr., one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.


Step back into a serene spot in history. The golden vista of the North Santee River, set off by the cool green of ages-old trees and soft grays of the Spanish moss adorning them, sets the stage for quiet reflection. Trails through the ground’s lush and peaceful woods are a nature lover’s delight.


Solidly built on a brick foundation covered by scored tabby, the house has stood the test of time since its construction some 40 years before the Revolutionary War. Typical of Lowcountry rice plantations of the early 18th century, the house features rooms opening into wide center halls on each floor as well as a full brick cellar, attic rooms, hand-carved molding and random-width heart-pine floors.

Hopsawee is approximately 1 hour drive by car from the hotel.  Suggested departure is 11Am to arrive around noon for lunch at the Tea Room followed by tour of the Plantation House and slave quarters, Gullah-Geechee presentation.   Cost for tour is $30 and meal varies depending upon selection.


International African American Museum



The museum documents the journey that began in Africa centuries ago, and still continues today.

At the entrance, the African Ancestors Memorial Garden sprawls across the grounds and reflects on the significance of the historically sacred site of Gadsden’s Wharf—the point at which an estimated 45 percent of enslaved Africans entered this country. Inside, exhibitions tell the unvarnished story of the international African American experience. 

Engage with history through transformative storytelling, remarkable artifacts and exhibitions, and a uniquely impactful power of place. 

Explore our wide-ranging exhibitions that tell the story of how Africans and African Americans—through their labor, resistance, and ingenuity—have shaped every aspect of our world. This story of trauma and triumph includes our publicly accessible African Ancestors Memorial Gardens and the deliberate, definitive design of our building

Attendees are required to purchase tickets in advance and can do so on line. 

The museum is open Tuesday - Sunday from 10-5pm.  Senior tickets are appx $10.00.


Patriots Point

The Medal of Honor Museum

The Congressional Medal of Honor Museum is located on board the historic aircraft carrier USS YORKTOWN.

This national museum is also home to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, the most unique, and perhaps the most exclusive, organization in the United States.  The Congressional Medal of Honor Museum features interactive exhibits that explain the origin of the Medal of Honor and its distinctions. The exhibits tell the stories of brave Americans who displayed remarkable courage such as Audie Murphy, Sergeant Alvin York and Jimmy Doolittle. The Congressional Medal of Honor Museum is included in the Patriots Point admission charge.

USS Yorktown

The USS YORKTOWN (CV-10) was the tenth aircraft carrier to serve in the United States Navy.

USS Clamagore

CLAMAGORE is the only GUPPY III submarine preserved in the United States.


The LAFFEY (DD-724) was named for the first LAFFEY (DD-459), sunk at the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal in November 1942.

Vietnam Support Base

Patriots Point's Vietnam Naval Support Base Camp features many of the various craft used to combat the dangers of patrolling the jungle and rivers throughout the Vietnam War.


South Carolina Aquarium

Wildlife surrounds you at the South Carolina Aquarium. With thousands of animals, dozens of exhibits and stunning waterfront views, you can connect with the natural world your way. Your Aquarium experience allows us to care for sick and injured sea turtles, provide education programming for students, and continue our critical conservation work within our walls and beyond.

The South Carolina Aquarium was announced as one of ten recipients of the 2019 National Medal for Museum and Library Service, the nation’s highest honor given to museums and libraries that make significant and exceptional contributions to their communities. The Aquarium was recognized “not for having a massive living collection of exotic species from around the world, but for keeping its collection’s focus local.”


Additional Options

Typical Carriage Tours

  • How long does an Olde Towne Daytime Historic Carriage tour last?
    The ride lasts approximately one hour.
  • What exact areas do you visit?
    You will see the historic old market area where commerce has taken place for over 250 years, historical houses maintained in timeless fashion, beautiful gardens, artistic wrought iron gates and decorative entrances to the many mansions as the tour winds through the 25 - 30 block area.  In addition, you will see parts of the old walled city and several of the many churches that give Charleston its nickname of the “Holy City”. Your tour guide will acquaint you with the history and architecture which make Charleston one of the truly grand jewels of the South. Most importantly you will gain a better understanding of the people that lived and traversed over the past three hundred years, on the very streets you are traveling.
  • Is the carriage ride narrated?
    Yes, the carriage tour is fully narrated by a professional tour guide.

Typical Walking Tours

Charleston, South Carolina is a town of unimaginable beauty and is unrivaled in her preservation and historical significance. The Historic District - with its hidden alleys, majestic homes, manicured gardens, and tree canopied streets - is simply perfect for walking freely and discovering a bygone era.  Tour where carriages and motorcoaches are not allowed as you take a fascinating stroll with stories and traditions revealing Charleston’s rich history and colorful past.  This two hour tour through America’s most charming historical district is sure to be the highlight of your visit.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Rainbow Row
  • Historic Waterfront Battery
  • Antebellum Mansions
  • Four Corners of Law
  • A visual tour of Fort Sumter
  • Hidden Gardens & Courtyards
  • Historic Churches & Graveyards
  • The Revolutionary and Civil War

Sunset Harbor and Creek Tour

You will enjoy a cool coastal breeze while unwinding during our Sunset Cruise. You will relax and enjoy light hors d'oeuvres with a cash bar serving beer and wine as you cruise through the Charleston harbor. You will see a maritime forest as we meander down a salt-marsh creek or two depending on the tides. You will see sites such as the forts, the Battery, the islands, and the lighthouses. Charleston's church steeples add to its unique skyline as they come alive at this hour of the day. The harbor's abundant wildlife comes out to play during the "bluing hour". Dolphins and birds entertain us with their whimsy. With the Holy City as your backdrop, you will enjoy peaceful and breathtaking views of sunset-silhouetted steeples while cruising along its waterways.





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    2.  Mini Dates

    a.  Activities Sun 17-Thu 21 Mar 2024

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    a.  Homewood Suites by Hilton Charleston - Mount Pleasant

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    Greetings Class Members

    It has been ages since we got together


    Let’s Do - Charleston!!!!!



    For 2024 we plan to return to Charleston, SC.

    Joe Fishburne has offered once again to host the event.

    The mini will be held during March. 


    The purpose of this is to provide info about the mini and get your RSVP and preliminary preferences.

    Please read thru the included info and then submit your RSVP using the link.

     Fill out RSVP form


    The Venue

    Charleston, SC

    Charleston is one of the most popular destinations in the World.  In Charleston you can expect to find a rich combination of hospitality and Verdana resonant of the "Old South."

    Downtown District
    Besides the historic churches, buildings, and landmarks that you'll want to see, there are plenty of opportunities for shopping.  Downtown is a convenient starting point for getting to know Charleston as it is a vibrant combination of old and new, offering diverse attractions.  The oldest part of town where a lot of the buildings and houses have been preserved, spark architectural interest. Tours, like the Historic Homes Walk, allow you to learn more about this amazing architecture dating back to the mid-18th century.  

    Mount Pleasant District
    Founded in 1680 and located to the East of Charleston, the Mount Pleasant District is known for its fine dining. Mount Pleasant is also the home of one of the biggest naval & maritime museums in the world, Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum. Tour boats are available from Mount Pleasant to view Fort Sumter.


    Things to Do

    The primary reasons for picking March/April dates are the Spring Festival of Houses and Gardens, beautiful spring flowers, and weather.  Here are a few of the main activities of interest with more details on each item printed below as you scroll down the page.  We will need to know if you are interested in any of these so we can make plans and arrange group tours, if appropriate.                                    

       Spring Festival of Houses and Gardens

       Patriots Point

       Ft Sumter

       Ft Moultrie

       Confederate Submarine H.L. Hunley

       International African American Museum

       The Gardens at Middleton Place

       The Charleston Tea Plantation

       The Original Firefly Distillery

       Charleston Carriage Tour

       Charleston Walking Tour (conducted by Joe Fishburne)

       Charleston Boat Tour


    • Daily Plan – Subject to Change















      Joe's Tour





      Pvt Bus Tour






      CSS Sub Hunley




      Sunset Cruise








      Indiv Choice



      Other events up to individuals to organize.

      Hotel serves a buffet breakfast each day. It is included in room charge.

      Joe will host his Walking Tour of Old Town on Tue and Wed. Half of those that opted for the tour will go on each day. Those that selected both Joe's walking tour and the private bus tour will do Joe's tour on Tue and the private bus tour on Wed. Attendees will car pool to from the hotel to the parking area that Joe designates. He will provide admin info later.

      For the Private Bus Tour, half will go Mon and half Wed. Passengers will be picked up at Homewood Suites. It will proceed to Hampton Park/Citadel, Brittle Back Park by Riverdogs Baseball Stadium on Fishburne Street, down Lockwood Street along the Ashley River to Franklin St., by the Old City Jail, down to Battery at end of Peninsula and by many of the famous old street mansions, up to Broad and Meeting Streets, over to White Point Gardens to see Pineapple Fountain, up along Cooper River to Rice Planters Warehouse Facade, over to East Bay Street to Cigar Factory and back to Homewood Suites.

      For the CSS Hunley Museum tour, attendees will gather at the hotel and carpool to museum for the private tour. Free time after the tour. Details will be provided later.

      Those joining the Class for the sunset cruise, will carpool to the harbor and meet for boarding. We will have apps and a cash bar for the cruise. We are also ordering good weather. Details will be provided later.

      Joe and Ginna will host a Low Country Boil for Sun dinner. Location will be weather dependent. Attendees will carpool to the dinner. Details will be provided later.

      Class Dinners for Mon, Tue, and Thu will be at the hotel. Catered buffet and open bar. All you can eat and drink. Why not - you are paying for it.

      Wed dinner will be individual choice. No Class dinner that night. You can eat before, during, or after the Sunset Cruise.

      All other events are by individual choice. Attendees should form their own groups and make their own plans and arrangements. You can see who has a car in the Auto entries. There is plenty of open time to enjoy the attractions in the Charleston area. If things do not go well, do not blame us. You managed it.

      The schedule is sketchy at this time because the Spring Festival of Houses and Gardens tour days and times will not be announced until later this year.

    • We will likely do the events in smaller groups and not try to get all together at the same time for most events.

    • Golf is flexible depending upon the number of individuals interested in playing.  Spring is a prime time for playing golf in the Charleston area.  If you are interested in playing golf, let us know ASAP so that we can start talking with the golf course management.  We will establish tee times for those interested in playing. 

    • The Hunley submarine Museum is open for the public only over the weekend.  However, a private tour can be arranged on a weekday for our group – cost pp will depend on number signed up.  There has been considerable cleaning of the hull of the submarine and it is much more visible as is the interior. 

    • We can schedule a sunset boat cruise on the Palmetto Breeze, fifty foot catamaran, regardless of the number of individuals interested.  However, to reserve the whole boat, we need to have fifty people interested in going on the cruise.  If we have the entire boat, we can bring our own booze and snacks.  We did this the last time and it worked out well. 

     What You Need To Do

           Have a look at the attractions and activities available

           Let us know

           If you are at all interested in joining us

           What activities you may be interested in. 

           Maybe’s are fine, you can always make changes later. 

    Complete the Registration Survey

    Fill out RSVP form