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2015 Viking Cruise from Amsterdam to Basil 15 - 22 Sep 2015 w/Optional Tour to Arnhem

We would love for you to join us on a cruise that we have just put a group booking on.  It is from Amsterdam to Basel in Sept of 2015.  Great news!  Also, Viking has made the final payment much more to our liking as it is not until April of 2015.

We are planning a two night, one full day optional tour to Arnhem to the WWII Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek to learn about the 1944 Battle at Arnhem.  History comes alive through veteran's recordings and a large collection of artifacts.  We will also stop at the Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery .  This is the final resting place of over 1600 men, many of them Allied soldiers who lost their lives in an effort to take the bridge at Arnhem (a story told in the film:  "A Bridge Too Far ").

Once on our new state-of-the-art Viking Longship, we will cruise along the Rhine between Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to Basel, Switzerland.  We will have an opportunity to tour one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites:  Kinderdijk windmills, and then it is on to Cologne where we have a walking tour and Cologne Cathedral visit...there will also be sufficient time to visit a local brewery.   Next, we find Marksburg Castle which is at the confluence of the Rhine  and Mosel Rivers...and we will spend time exploring this 12th century 'burg'.  The Marksburg, which sits proudly above the town of Braubach, resides as the only Rhine Castle never to be destroyed.

On to Rudesheim, known for its wine making,  and its very famous street, the Drosselgasse,.  The Drosselgasse is a lane in the heart of Rudesheim's old town full of beautifully decorated restaurants. Live entertainment, brass instruments and dance music play all day and all night during the summer in the many wine taverns and open-air garden taverns along the 144-metre-long narrow cobblestone pedestrian street. Built in the 15th century, the Drosselgasse was for boat owners to move items from the river to homes in the town.

Our next port is:  a half day city tour of Heidelberg.  The evening finds us in Speyer,  a Medieval town with a grand heritage and a compact historic center dominated by the largest Romanesque cathedral in Europel

Strasbourg, France:  situated half way between Paris and Prague,  is known as the 'crossroads  of Europe'.  The heart of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  We have a walking tour in Strasbourg with the afternoon learning about the Alsatian treats.

Our last stop before Basel is Breisach...the gateway to the Black Forest...optional Colmar excursion as well as a Clock-making demo.

Basel, Switzerland finds us disembarking but your adventure does not need to end here as Switzerland is just waiting for you to explore  its beautiful mountains, hiking trails, wonderful roads and trains....that sounds like another week is in order!!

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Thus far there are only 4 cabins left ---- 11 Classmates

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Larry and Connie Budge
Charlie and Vera Burns
Ben & Ruth Covington
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