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Good Communications Key to Successful 2008 Mini-Reunion

Since good communications are the key to the success of a mission, or a successful Mini-Reunion, your Cruise Committee will be providing links on this web page to the emails and snail mail letters sent to the Cruising Classmates with information about the 2008 Mini-Reunion River Cruise.  It is hoped that having access to these documents from this web page will also provide you with access to them if you have misplaced them.

The decision email - “2008 Class Cruise” dated 8 March 2007

The OP ORDER email - “Class of '61 2008 River Cruise Mini-reunion OPOrder” dated 8 May 2007

Cruise-o-Gram #1 dated 11 July 2007

Worldtek Letter dated 11 July 2007

Cruise-o-Gram #2 dated 8 August 2007

Email from Bob Glass dated 10 October 2007

Cruise-o-Gram #3 dated 21 October 2007

Next Class of '61 Mini-Reunion Romantic Danube River Cruise Set for 5-12 Oct 08 is SOLD-OUT

All of the cabins on Viking  Europe for the next Class of '61 mini-reunion have been reserved as of 1148 PDT, 26 March 2008.  Requests to be placed on a Reservation Wait List will continue to accepted by the Cruise Committee.

Who is Going as of 8 August 2007

Who is going Cadet Company Cabin Category
Adams, Glen & Jeri M-2 A
Alexander, Betsy A-2 B
Anselm, Don & Judy D-2 E
Bacon, Carl & Ann M-1 D
Baird, Tom & Judie C-1 D
Barney, Dan & Pam K-1 A
Battle, Bren & Alice H-2 D
Brooks, David & Mimi E-2 B
Brown, Ed & Rina D-1 A
Buckner, Dick & Trish I-2 A
Budge, Larry & Connie E-1 B
Cairns, Robert & Terry E-2 C
Carroll, Pat & Gerry E-1 B
Clarke, Dick & Gail K-1 A
Connolly, Jim & Linda C-2 B
Counts, Edward & Mildred H-1 A
Dalgleish, Bruce & Saundra A-1 E
Dorr, John & Stephanie K-1 A
Ekman, Michael & Ann K-1 E
Fischer, John & Carolyn F-1 B
Fishburne, Joe & Ginna M-1 B
Fritz, Bud & Sheryl D-2 C
Gabriel, Henmar & Susie D-1 B
Gaskins, Darius & Stephanie I-2 D
Glass, Bob & Dawn G-2 B
Goodell, Eugene & Sharon B-1 E
Grannemann, Rod & Jan L-1 A
Griffiths, Bill & Pat B-1 A
Grisoni, John & Teri H-1 B
Halpin, Dan & Maria G-1 B
Halstead, Bruce & Joanne K-1 B
Hansell, Charles & Karen G-2 A
Harmon, Jim & Carolyn I-1 D
Harpold, Mike & Elaine G-2 E
Hodges, Hamp & Vicki C-1 D
Hoy, Pat & Ann I-1 A
Hyde, Gary & Button M-1 E
Java, John & Donna I-1 B
Kammerdiener, John & Ellen Leonard G-2 B
Kee, Bob & Ruth H-2 B
Kenny, Henry & Mary Frances K-2 E
Knoblock, Richard & Diane L-2 A
Kopcsak, George & Michele B-1 E
Kremer, Webb & Judy F-1 B
Lionetti, Don & Bobbi K-2 A
Lombardo, Michael & Veronika F-2 A
Mace, David & Ann L-1 E
Mathison, Jim & Lorna C-2 B
Maus, Mike & Coralinn A-1 E
McBee, Don & Janis F-1 B
McCann, Jay & Linda B-1 C
McLaughlin, John & Donna I-2 A
Meissner, Ken & Rachel B-2 C
Miller, Dave & Dot L-1 A
Paone, Lucy A-2 A
Rauch, Frank & Joan F-1 C
Rooney, Dennis & Judith K-2 A
Schall, Judith & Van Gorder, Wendy E-1 B
Schultz, Brian & Joyce D-2 B
Shroyer, Bruce & Pat H-2 B
Skillman, John & Ellie A-2 B
Smith, Chip & Sally H-2 C
Solomon, John & Mary Jane G-1 D
Starsman, Ray & Marsha H-2 A
Stokes, Jim & Dolly H-2 A
Struve, James & Lou C-1 B
Urette, Mike & Karen K-2 A
Webster, Gary & Grace M-1 C
Weiss, Samuel & Roberta I-1 B
White, Lyman & Cathy M-2 A
Wilder, Sam A-1 E
Williamson, Bill & Bobbie A-1 D
Witherspoon, Eugene & Georgia K-2 C
Zimmerman, Jack & Joan A-2 B

Nuremberg to Budapest
Romantic Danube
provided by Viking River Cruises

During your 8-day journey discover the grand cities and quaint villages along the celebrated Danube. Explore both sides of Hungary's capital—traditional "Buda" and modern "Pest"—and from Fishermen's Bastion see how the river divides the city. Experience Vienna's imperial architecture and time-honored culture, and tour riverside towns in Austria's Wachau Valley. And in Germany, explore a baroque abbey and stroll cobbled streets lined with half-timbered houses. Savor the tastes of authentic dishes, learn about local legends, and you will understand why Strauss immortalized the romantic Danube in his famous Blue Danube waltz.

Details of the Cruise Itinerary are to be found on this Viking River Cruises web site. Be sure to click on the Nuremberg to Budapest tab for the details of our cruise. Please click on the BACK icon to return to this page on our Class Web Site.

Viking Europe Will Be Our Chartered Ship

Details of the Viking Europe are to be found on this Viking River Cruises web site. Be sure to click on the Viking Europe tab for the details of our cruise ship. Please click on the BACK icon to return to this page on our Class Web Site.

Extend your stay in Prague or Budapest.

Three nights in Prague—City of a Hundred Spires

Details of the Prague Extended Stay are to be found on this Viking River Cruises web site. An error on this web page shows the cost to be $749.  This is the 2007 cost.  The 2008 cost is $649.  Please click on the BACK icon to return to this page on our Class Web Site.

Central Europe shines with three nights in Budapest

Details of the Budapest Extended Stay are to be found on this Viking River Cruises web site. An error on this web page shows the cost to be $649.  This is the 2007 cost.  The 2008 cost is $499. Please click on the BACK icon to return to this page on our Class Web Site.

Why River Cruising for a Mini-Reunion?

(This is a description of the Viking cruise from Budapest to Nuremberg, which is the reverse of our cruise, but still describes what river cruising is like.)

Imagine that you are standing with a loved one on the top deck in the heart of Hungary's Budapest. It is dusk and you are basking in the glow of the sunset reflecting on the Danube River. And you are thinking about your full day of sightseeing you just enjoyed as you wave goodbye to old "Buda" and modern "Pest."

You are then escorted to your ship's restaurant to leisurely dine on a 5-course gourmet meal and take in the scenery as you cruise. Your taste buds are treated to a medley of sweet and savory as you sample tonight's regional specialty, goulash.

From here, you can join the company of fellow travelers in the lounge to watch a performance of folkloric song and dance and share the day's experiences over a cocktail. And then, you return to the comfort of your deluxe cabin to retire for the evening.

When you awake, you look out your panoramic cabin window to realize you have been magically transported to not only another city, but another country. Breakfast is a colorful buffet of fresh breads and fruit, cereal and eggs; and as you dine, you cruise past the breathtaking scenery and see the ornate steeples of St. Stephan's Cathedral peeking up from the horizon. And you are filled with anticipation because you have arrived in the renowned "City of Waltzes."

This morning, you walk right off the ship into town and you are whisked off for your included half-day tour of Vienna. Your English-speaking guide introduces herself and tells a story about growing up in Austria's capital. And soon you feel like old friends. This personal insight gives you a unique "insider's" perspective and makes you feel like a local.

You come back to your "floating hotel" for lunch and enjoy choices from the soup and salad bar or you can select one of the featured hot entrees. After a short break, you decide to return to the cobbled streets of Vienna. To maximize your free time, you take the advice of your guide and visit a museum that she recommended, a real hidden treasure. After stopping at a local coffeehouse to sample traditional Viennese coffees and pastries, you do some shopping for a variety of handmade souvenirs.

Your full day is not yet over. After another 5-course gourmet dinner aboard you opt to return to Vienna one more time to explore exciting nightlife or maybe you decide to enjoy a classical concert in this musical mecca. Rejoin your ship and get a good night's sleep because when you wake up you will find yourself in another port. And, your journey of exploration continues with another exciting destination to discover.

Plus...when your magical journey with Viking River Cruises ends, and you return safely home, you will know that you have seen and done things that not everyone gets to experience. And, you can begin thinking about and planning your next vacation...


Indulge in the pleasures of our table.



Our chefs are trained in the finest European traditions, specializing in French, German, and Austrian cuisine. Each morning, enjoy a buffet breakfast featuring a selection of fresh breads, eggs, cereal, pastries, fresh fruit, plus cheese and European cold cuts. Or, choose from our menu of prepared-to-order hot dishes. For lunch, choose from the salad and sandwich bar or enjoy a homemade soup, selection of entrees and dessert. And, each night you are treated to our 5-course gourmet menu with regional specialties like Viennese Schnitzel and Barbary Duck Breast, plus traditional favorites like Roast Beef and Poached Salmon. Plus, we have a selection of regional wines to complement any entree.

Viking River Cruises Sample Menu

* Norwegian Fjord Salmon in Honey-Mustard Sauce
Goat Cheese Marinated in Herbs and Chilis on Arugula Salad

* Cream of Carrot Soup
Beef Consommé

* Prime Rib of Beef with Béarnaise Sauce, Snow Peas, Glazed Turnips and Dauphine Potatoes
Broiled Red Snapper Filet with Red Wine Sauce, Vegetable Couscous and Pepper Relish

*- Pastry Chef's Dessert Buffet

* Selection of International Cheeses

Always Available: Caesar Salad, Grilled Chicken Breast, Grilled Steak

River Cruises Advantages

* "All-inclusive" means value for you: There is no extra cost for daily tours—every cruise includes excursions with English-speaking guides—one a day, on virtually every cruise.

* You are in good hands even far from home: We have been on Travel + Leisure's "World's Best" list andConde Nast Traveler's "Gold List" multiple times

* Your deluxe ship was built to maximize scenery viewing: Enjoy breathtaking landscapes from your guaranteed river-view cabin as well as in the well-appointed restaurant and lounge

* Your cabin was designed with your comfort in mind: Your cabin rivals a fine hotel and deluxe amenities make you feel right at home

* You dine on gourmet meals: Our menus highlight regional specialties of places you visit, plus we offer American favorites at every meal

* We are easy to understand: Our crew and guides all speak fluent English

* You wll get great service worldwide: Our Swiss hotel management sets our standards wherever we go, so you get quality and consistency across the fleet

* Your floating hotel travels with you: Unpack once and avoid juggling suitcases throughout your vacation—just settle in and unwind

Viking River Cruises "Special Needs" Policy Pertaining to Use of Wheelchairs and  Mobility

Because there might be a need for some Cruising Classmates to require "special need" considerations with regards to the use of a wheelchair and/or electric scooter, the Viking River Cruises Policy covering this is available by clicking here.













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