USMA 1961

Potpourri Five

Pictures from the past

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5-36 Lou Berra with Mark Earley, candidate for the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia

5-35 Gene Witherspoon with an antique??? circa 1959

5-33 Burke Mucho & Button Hyde

5-32 John Goldtrap, Georgia Witherspoon

5-31 ?, Gil Hallenbeck

5-30 ?, Hoot Gibson, Pat Carroll

5-29 Gary Hyde, Georgia Witherspoon

5-28 The Lord's dancing

5-27 Paul Vallely, Buck Shaffer, Gene Witherspoon
Las Vegas - Summer 1961

5-26 Paul Vallely, Bob Dunning, ?, Gene Witherspoon and Friends
Newport Beach CA - Summer 1961

5-25 Red Zaldo

5-24 1961 Dancing Crowd

5-23 Al Vanderbush, Red Zaldo, Frank Gibson, Shane Olshansky

5-22 John MacLean, Dave Dluzyn, Neil Grigg, Bob McCarthy

5-21 Back Row - Georgia Witherspoon, Button Hyde,Frank Rauch, Ron Hannon
Gabe Gabriel

5-19 Back Row - Sigenthaler, Larry Noble, Don Lionetti,Joe Amlong
Front Row - Mike Urette, Karen Urette, Georgia Witherspoon, Bobbi Lionetti, ?, Gail Amlong

5-18 Hyde taking picture and Bill Heiberg, Louisa Heiberg

5-17 Bobbi Lionetti, Button Hyde, Don Lionetti, Gary Hyde

5-16 Gary Hyde disrobing while million watch

5-15 Jim and Suzanne Nicholson and children

5-14 Bob Protzman and his TEXAS hat

5-13 Help ????

5-12 First class Year - MacLaiin, Grigg, Vallely, Minnehan, ?, Frix, Fritz, Dluzyn, Witherspoon, McCarthy and Shaffer kneeling

5-10 Back Row - ?, Chuck Armstrong, Jim Loorom, Paul Vallely
Middle Row - Al Armstrong, Bruce Holmberg, Sam Enfield, Bob McConnell, Dale Shipley, Ken Teel
Kneeling - ?

5-09 Marty Ganderson, Jim Blesse, Gabe Gabriel, Dick Johnson (USMA 1958)
All went to Thomas Jefferson HS in Richmond Virginia

5-08 Gabe Gabriel, Jim Blesse, Marty Ganderson

5-07 John Cornelson, Gabe Gabriel, Mike Eiland

5-06 Gabe Gabriel, Janet Cornelson, John Cornelson

5-05 Ken Geiger, Gabe Gabriel, Tom Lund

5-04 Hamp Hodges, Hal Gaither, Ham Evans, Bud Fritz, Howie Dewitt, Glen Adams, Bill Heiberg, Jerry Clements, John McLean - - Picture was taken at Glen & Geri Adams home, Dallas, TX, circa 1995

5-03 Stumble Inn - Lawton Oklahoma, circa 1962 - - Bob Rosenkanz, Buck Shaffer, Burke Mucho, Paul Palmer, "Hoot" Gibson. - - Not shown: Bill Heiberg (taking picture), and household mascot "Dammit" (at Rosie's feet).

5-02 Jim Mathison, Bob Oliver, and Sandy Walters

5-01 Mark Earley (Running for Governor in the Commonwealth of Virginia & Lou Berra

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