Jack and Stephanie Dorr - Super "Bridge" Players

The Bridge Players

Jack Dorr is enjoying a modest (his words) degree of success in the duplicate bridge world. He began playing bridge on the First Class trip and recalls stacking hat boxes in the aisles of the chartered aircraft for a table (or maybe as much to watch the good looking mini-skirted stewardesses of that era maneuver over/around them). First Class privileges allowed many a bridge game in Dan Barney's, Eph Crews' and Bruce Halstead's room.

His first duplicate exposure was at the Belvior Officers' Club where he and Dan introduced a few quirks (like opening a suit you were void in) into the staid game predominated by senior officers and their wives. Over the years, Jack and his first wife, Betsy played "kitchen bridge" with friends such as the Lords. They tried duplicate but Betsy, an excellent player, preferred the social aspect of bridge and felt Jack took duplicate too seriously.

After he retired in Winchester, VA, Jack took up duplicate again in 1992. After about 2 years of dabbling in local games, he decided to pursue becoming a life master, requiring winning points at higher levels. He had made considerable progress when Betsy was diagnosed with cancer. Jack suspended duplicate bridge throughout her illness. He resumed play in February 1997 after Betsy's death and soon formed a bridge partnership and, in 1999, a lifetime partnership with his present wife, Stephanie.

Jack and Stephanie have won together more than a dozen regional events. Jack became a Life Master (300 points) and Bronze Life Master (500 points) in 1999. Stephanie became a Life Master in 2000 and Bronze Life Master this year. Stephanie stood 25th in the US and Canada in terms of number of master points won (216) at her level in 2000. Jack is well on his way to achieving Silver Life Master (1000 points) this year and expects Stephanie to reach that level in 2002.

The Doors find competitive bridge to be a wonderful retirement activity. They now play in 8-10 week-long regional tournaments in the Southeast each and an annual trip to Hawaii for a week of vacation and a week of bridge. Jack and Steff play mainly in team events with 2 friends from Winchester. They can use timeshares to house the entire team at many of the tournament sites that are often in resort areas during the off-season. At a June tournament in Greenville, SC, they finished with the 4th highest total number of points among players at their level.

Jack and Steff have met many USMA grads and wives at bridge tournaments but Bob Oliver is the only classmate they have run across to date. If you want to talk with the Dorrs about playing duplicate bridge, call them at 540-636-1813 (home) or 540-671-2528 (cell).

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