Kaiser Bazan Elected Vice President of Panama

18 May 1999 - Comments from Ron Hannon on Kaiser Bazan's election to the position of Vice President of Panama. Kaiser will serve a five year term from 1 September 1999 until 31 August 2004.

"I have always felt that Kaiser's leadership talents would be recognized and that he would assume a role in Panamanian politices paralleling that of his father. His father was a Vice President to President Arias and one of Panama's most well known and widely respected leaders, who was deposed by the military dictator, General Omar Torrijos in 1968. In what is an odd turn of events, President Arias' widow and the son of his VP have defeated Maritn Torrijos, the son of the military dictator, who was the main opposition.  In an oft-quoted remark by journalists, Kaiser said 'The triumph of Senora Mierya is a triumph for the Panamanian woman.'

Kaiser has served as an aide to the President (soon after his graduation from the Academy), one of the youngest elected 'deputados' (Senator/congressman),the leader of his political party and as the Panamanian Ambassador to theUnited States. He is also one of the leading businessmen in Panama and, indeed, throughout Central and South America. He is most known for his INTEGRITY and his support for the hard working people of Panama.

We in the class of 1961 are proud of the accomplishments of our classmate, Dominador Kaiser Bazan, and we send him and his beautiful wife, Maribel, our best wishes for their continued success".

(Kaiser and his wife Maribel and their children Bill, Gabriel,
Kaiser Antonio and Marisabel)

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