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Bigfork Montana  Adopts the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles for Xmas 2003

Here is an article as it was printed in the November 20th edition of the Lakeshore Country Journal.

It started with an idea and then became a project because of MG Paul Vallely and his close ties to the troops in Iraq. Now it is time to make it a reality. To show our support for our troops who are so far away during the holidays, there is a drive on to put together a shipment of gifts that will be sent directly to the 101st Airborne on duty in Iraq. MG Vallely has been in touch with the officers of the 101st and they have given him a list of items that would be greatly appreciated by the soldiers.

The list is as follows: Music CDs of any kind, DVDs of movies, sports, history, etc., 8 packs of AA batteries, pen flashlights, magazines about sports, cars, computers or general interest, white crew or tube socks with no stripes or logos, inexpensive weight lifting gloves, 2004 calendars, boot or shoe insoles sizes 8-12, manicure sets, nail clippers, etc., board games, but not the "conquer the world" kind, more like Monopoly or Clue, paperback books, baby wipes or handi wipes.

Once you have purchased these items, they can be dropped off at the Rocky Mountain Bank. They don't need to be wrapped since the platoon leaders will be handing them out. Time is of the essence, the gifts need to be at the bank by Dec. 3rd so that they can be packaged and shipped by Dec. 7th.

This is a great project and we encourage everyone to participate. Our troops have already expressed their gratitude for our generosity and support in the emails sent to MG Vallely so let's not let them down!

101st Christmas Packing Elves

101st Christmas Packing Elves

101st Christmas Packing Elves

101st Christmas Packaged Up

101st Christmas Packages at the PO














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