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Steven C. Walker

Company I-2

14 Mar 1938 - 20 Jan 2005

Place of Death: St. Petersburg, FL

Interment: Beaufort National Cemetery

Steven Connor Walker passed away on January 29, 2005 in St. Petersburg FL.

At 2 pm on Tuesday, February 1, 2005 a Memorial Service for Steven Conner Walker was held at the Anderson-McQueen Funeral Home, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Attending were his son Cooper Walker and grandson of Columbia, South Carolina, his cousin, Diane Comstock of Sarasota, Florida, Roy Jackson, friend and business partner of St. Petersburg, Florida, Steve Warner, USMA ’62, a long time friend of Tampa, Florida, Ray Tilghman, USMA ’61, a classmate from Ft. Meyer, Florida, Bill Griffiths, USMA ‘61, a classmate from Tierra Verde, Florida, Brent Smith, who stood in for Jim Oaks, USMA ’61, a classmate who was not able to attend and 30 some employees of ENSER, a company that Steve Walker and Roy Jackson founded together.

The service was conducted by a priest from a church where Steve had gone to elementary school.

Diane Comstock, Steve Warner and Roy Jackson talked about their remembrances of Steve.

Burial service for Steve will be at 1:00 pm on Friday, February 4, at the Beaufort National Cemetery, 1601 Boundary Street, Beaufort, SC  29902-3947.

Messages of condolences can be sent to Connor Walker, son, at 1719 Hollywood Dr.,  Columbia SC 29205.

Steve, be thou at peace.


Walker, Steven C., 66, of St. Petersburg, died Saturday, January 29th, 2005. He was born in New Orleans, LA and came here in 1998 from Huntsville, AL where he co-founded the ENSER Corporation in 1990. The corporation headquarters was relocated to St. Petersburg in 1997 and Mr. Walker continued there as an Executive. He was a highly decorated officer in the U.S. Army, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel after 20 years of service, which included one tour of duty in Viet Nam with the 101st Airborne Division. He graduated with the class of 1961 from the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, NY and he was a professional engineer. He was of the Catholic faith. He is survived by a son, Connor C. Walker of Columbia, SC; a daughter, Lisa H. Rollins of Saluda, SC; a brother, Michael Walker; and 6 grandchildren, Benjamin Walker (8 yrs), Will Walker (6 yrs), Lila Walker (4 yrs), Matthew Rollins (7 yrs), Walker Rollins (2 yrs), and Etheredge Rollins (8 mos).

Anderson-McQueen Funeral & Cremation Centers-Northeast St. Petersburg


Class Memorial Pages\I-2 Steve Walker.pdf

"I would be remiss if I did not tell you Steve's favorite story - The Gunfighters and the Sheriffs - All of us at ENSER have heard it a thousand times - Steve always thought there was a time and place for every thing – He related the growth of a company to a frontier town.  In the beginning, a frontier town needs Gunfighters, the ones with the white hats, to bring law and order to the town - The analogy in a company is that in the early days of the company you need entrepreneurs.  Once law and order is established in the town there is no longer a need for the gunfighter/entrepreneur - Its time for the Sheriffs to take over and run the town/company!  Steve was bored with the role of the sheriff - That is what he left me to do at ENSER. 

For Steve to know that we are honoring him and for him to know that as a 'Gunfighter' he is on his way to 'Boothill' - would please him to no end – His 'Boothill' in this case is Beaufort National Ceremony, SC.  He will be buried there with Full Military Honors and that is the ultimate recognition of a Soldier Warrior who served God, Country and Self so well – In today vernacular that Soldier Warrior is referred to as a Warfighter!!  Safe journey to your next battlefield my friend!! "

Roy Jackson
Fellow soldier, business partner and friend
From the Memorial Service on February 1, 2005
St. Petersburg Florida


It was a great shock to learn of Steve's death.  He and Bill Gavan and I were roommates that first fateful year at West Point.  I called Bill's home today to let him know of Steve's death.  Bill was at the gym and I spoke with his wife for a few minutes.  They live in Greensboro, GA.  I last saw Steve at our 40th reunion.  The same old Steve, full of ideas and enthusiasm.  He always was a great ideas guy.  I'm truly sorry I did not stay in closer touch with him.  We shared so many memories of Plebe year, forming a bond that goes well beyond just knowing someone.  How many times have we all said " I need to get in touch with old---".  At least the internet keeps us all connected in some way.  I mourn Steve's passing as I know you all do.  God bless him.

Frank Williams


Never roomed with Steve but during AOCC in Forts Sill and Bliss,  Phyllis and I shared many a pitcher of frozen daiquiris with he and Bunny (and others).    Perhaps Frank’s thought  on the “need to get in touch with old….” may prompt more to consider the idea of getting together this spring.

Jack McLaughlin


I-2 Classmates,
I have a friend, Brent Smith, from Huntsville who is in St. Pete for a few weeks. I called him and asked him to attend Steve's service this afternoon. I told him about the times Ann and I had spent with Steve while he lived in Huntsville. He called this afternoon and gave me a report. He had enjoyed meeting some of the people who knew Steve.

Brent said Steve's son Conner was there, probably the only one from the immediate family, most of whom are in S.C. He said there were some USMA '61 classmates who had signed the register, but he did not meet any of them. He did talk to Steve Warner, Class of 62, who had either served with Steve or had worked with him after he retired.

He also met Steve's business partner, Roy Jackson. As Brent understood it, Steve and Roy had been on some of the same duty stations in the Army and had teamed up to form a company, called ENSER, in Huntsville after they retired. They had DOD contracts in Huntsville and when the Cold War cooled off in the 90s they found better business opportunities in Florida.

This I had forgotten, Steve's Dad was a USNA grad and the family had lived in the Tampa-St. Pete area when Steve was young. He has cousins there and although they had lost contact after Steve's family left, they had renewed acquaintance since he returned to the area. One of the cousins spoke at the service.

Ann and I are in Fort Collins, visiting our son Jay this week. Brent called me this afternoon with the report.

Jim Oaks


I was grieved to open my messages to see that Steve had passed away. I was honored to be able to attend his memorial service. Steve and I had gone back to 1956 when we both attended Marion Military Institute prior to going to West Point.  Steve and I became good friends and we would walk to nearby DQ after study hours, then sit on the hill above the parade ground and dream about our futures.  I can remember being in awe of his ideas.  As cadets we stayed close friends and lucky for me our paths crossed several times during our military careers.  We worked together at Redstone Arsenal on some really interesting projects and I never ceased to be in awe of his ideas and deal making skills.  The last time I saw Steve was at the 40th, physically not the Steve of 1956 but every bit the good friend with a  million ideas.  I will sure miss him. I'm sure the Lord has need for an idea man and deal maker in Heaven.  

Ray Tilghman

Steve was my sponsor when I was a "3d LT" on AOT to Germany just prior to my Cow year at West Point. He and Bunny were great hosts to me and really helped me understand what field artillery was like. We spent 15 days in garrison and another 15 at Graf so I got to experience to best and worst of Germany during that summer. I selected FA during my senior year partly because of Steve's mentoring. Unfortunately, I never encountered my mentor during my career in the Army. Rest in peace Steve and thanks.

Billl Tredennick '65 /SPAN>