"Don Stivers Donates Nearly $20K to ’61 Class Fund"

In a 1996 letter to the class, Dick Buckner announced that Don Stivers, the internationally renowned Civil War artist, had agreed to do a painting for our Class with a Civil War/USMA reconciliation theme. This was to be a limited edition depiction of Union and Confederate graduates shaking hands in front of the Corps of Cadets in 1875.

Readers can view this painting, entitled “One Flag, One Country, One Destiny,” on the internet at:


At the outset, Don Stivers agreed that he would donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these prints to the ’61 Class Gift Fund. Recently, Ed Brown and Paul DeVries made a call on Don Stivers at his home, and he presented them with a check for $19,525, which has subsequently been deposited into the class account.

The limited Class of 1961 edition of this painting consists of a total of 1,961 prints. A total of 534 of the class edition, corresponding to the number of graduates of our class, includes our class crest in addition to the USMA crest. Any classmate (or classmate’s widow) who would like to purchase a copy of the class edition of the print, numbered according to his class standing, should contact Ed Brown at eabrown@erols.com.

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