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Solomon Carries Olympic Torch

John's daughter Molly was selected to be a member of the Olympic Torch Relay across the US, carrying the torch in St. George, Utah. Mary Jane and John flew there to cheer her on for this wonderful moment. Meanwhile, Molly had requested that John accompany her on her relay leg as an escort. She would wear the Olympic torch bearer white suit and John was given a blue one.   

In St. George, one of the organizers told John they were short a torch bearer and asked John to fill in. Quickly changing  his blue garb to torch bearer white John, in a relay with 20 others, carried his torch through the streets of St. George.  He was allowed to keep his torch, which now sits in a stand by his fireplace. John describes it as a thrill and humbling experience that he will never forget, just looking up at that flame during his leg and realizing that for "one brief shining moment" he had the responsibility for the Olympic Flame. His son, Christopher, however, put it all in perspective when, upon hearing this story dubbed John "The Accidental Olympian."