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Emmanuel J. Scivoletto


Company C-2
17 Feb 1938- 26 Dec 2021
Place of Death: Reno, NV.
Interment: TBD

It is with great regret and sorrow that I must notify you of the death of our Classmate, Manny Scivoletto, on 26 December 2021, in Reno, NV.

Manny is survived by his wife Kay; their sons, Kris and his wife, Emily, and John and his wife, Claire; and their grandchildren Nicholas, Morgan, and Mattie.

Manny’s remains were cremated and will be interred in Nevada at a later time.

Condolences may be sent to Kay at 5735 Lone Horse Drive, Reno, NV  89502-9001.

In lieu of flowers, donations in Manny’s memory may be sent to Veterans Guest House, 880 Locust Street, Reno NV  89502.

Well done, Manny. Be thou at peace.


Class Memorial Pages\C-2 Manny Scivoletto.pdf

I am saddened to learn that Manny Scivoletto has passed away.

I remember him only as a Cadet, during our 2 years together. I was a Plebe in a neighboring Company -- and he was 2 years my senior -- but somehow we met and became friends. Manny once said that he "recognized" me because I was one of the few Cadets who could pronounce his surname correctly. I must credit my 4 years of high school Latin for that achievement.

Manny had a great sense of humor, an engaging smile, and an air of optimism around him. He never failed to greet me with a smile, each time our paths crossed. He showed genuine concern about my performance in Plebe Year academics and was pleased to learn that I was o n the "Dean's List".

We said our goodbyes when Manny graduated -- and our paths never crossed again. He served his country, while I served mine -- in our full military careers.

Well done, Manny! Be thou at peace!

And now, my final salute to a nice guy, a good friend and a fellow soldier...

Brigadier General Ramon M. Ong (Retired)
Armed Forces of the Philippines
USMA 1963