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Howard M. Potter

Company F-1

15 Oct 1939 - 22 Apr 1994

Place of Death: Fayetteville, NC

Interment: West Point Cemetery


Class Memorial Pages\F-1 Max Potter.pdf

This is very overdue, but prompted by another member of the class of '61 going home for his final rest.I am glad to take this time to speak from my heart about a special person in my life.  Max was one of my beast barracks roomates-actually since I had been in the army nearly 4 years at that time and Max had been in about 10 min we certainly looked at life differently. The first difference was that Max was very smart-an Andover grad as I recall, and gifted academically-when he found out that the only math I had ever taken in high school was algebra 1 in the tenth grade, he just rolled his eyes. On top of that, Joe Maio was also in this room and he had 4 years active duty also-poor Max.  When us! "old soldiers" became too much for him he just got out his bagpipes and worked on our very limited musical education.  Well, those were the days and as fate would have it Max graduated and I returned to active duty. In the later years of my life I have come to learn that my closest friendships and the best memories come from those days in F-1.  Max Potter was a huge part of that period of my life and I am sorry that he is no longer here.  When I hear the pipes now, I always think of Max

John Purdy '61



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