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Good Time Had By All at Kopcsak's 9th Annual Pig Roast 3 Oct 09

The forecast was dire – cloudy, cool, with rain showers – but the weather turned out to be sunny with temperatures in the mid-70s – perfect for the 9th annual pig roast hosted by George and Michele Kopcsak at their “Full Circle” Farm in Browntown, Virginia.

Even though numbers were fewer than in past years, classmates came from near – Virginia and Maryland – and far – Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. Attendees were Jon and Roseann Aaronsohn; Dan and Pam Barney; Bob and Judy Boykin; Ed and Rina Brown; Dick and Trish Buckner; Marty Ganderson with Paula Barrie; Bob and Dawn Glass; John and Teri Grisoni; Bob and Nicole Hamilton; Bob and Priscilla Hardiman; Frenchy and Beverly Hebert; Dale Himes; George and Michele Kopcsak; Judy Kremer; Don and Bobbi Lionetti; Bill and Okja Mackie; Ken and Rachel Meissner; Bill and LuAnn Reno; Ed Smith with Diane Boeser; Marty Walsh; Gary Webster; Bill Williamson; and Bill Wright.

In addition, Meghan Howard (Michele’s daughter); Kevin Jackson; Caden Jackson (George and Michele’s grandson); Al and Joyce Maxfield (Michele’s parents); Jerry Hall (George’s friend from Stafford, Virginia); and Earl Balis (George’s high school classmate from West Virginia) joined us.

As in past year’s, Ken Meissner’s “spud gun” was a hit, particularly with Frenchy Hebert, but our aim was poor and a passing deer was not even threatened. Needless to say, all had a great time and express our appreciation to George and Michele.

Click here for slide show of 47 pictures taken at Pig Roast by Bill Wright.

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