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71 People Enjoyed Annual  Pig Roast at Kopcsak Farm on 3 June Under Clear Skies

There was wonderful weather for this year's 3 Jun 06 Annual Pig Roast event with 71 people attending. Attendees were: Dan and Pam Barney, Ed and Rina Brown, Emmy Brown, Todd and Millie Counts, Tom and Grace Cuthbert, Joe and Ginna Fishburne, Gabe and Susie Gabriel, Bob and Dawn Glass, Pete and Barbara Gleichenhaus, Dave and Cynthia Hastings, Gary and Button Hyde, Bob and Ruth Kee, Hank and Mary Frances Kenny, George and Michele Kopcsak, Webb and Judy Kremer, John and Barbara Lawton, Bill and Okja Mackie, Bob and Gale McConnell, Ken and Rachel Meissner, John and Barbara Neiger, Joe and Lucy Paone, Mark and Kay Popovich, Pat Prather, Bill and LuAnn Reno, Cy Shearer, John and Ellie Skillman, John and Mary Jane Solomon, Jack and Pat Veatch, Gary and Grace Webster, and Frank Williams.

Note we had classmates from California, Florida, Georgia, and Texas as well as the "locals".

The last to leave were Gary & Button Hyde. They had booked a Time-Share in Front Royal as they were celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. Button is believed to have been the force behind them coming all the way from Florida for the Pig Roast.

Click here to go to slide show of pictures taken by George Kopcsak at the Annual Pig Roast at George's farm.

Click here to go to slide show of pictures taken by Gary and Grace Webster.













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