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Class of '61 NE Picnic at Round Pond Attracts Good Turnout  on 26 Jun 04

The Northeast Group held a  picnic at Bonneville Cabin at Round Pond on Saturday, June 26th.  Those in attendance were Tom & Judie Baird, Dan & Pam Barney, Will and Cathy Conley, Dan & Jan DiCarlo, John & Teri Grisoni, Dale Himes, Chuck Hodell, Hampy & Vicki Hodges (complete with Texas drawl), John & Donna Java, John Kilkenny, Brian & Joyce Schultz, Bruce & Pat Shroyer and Larry Stoneham.  A good  time was had by all.  By coincidence, it was Tom Baird's birthday,  and it was great to share in his celebration.

John & Donna Java, Joyce & Brian Schultz, Kathy & Will Conley, Teri & John Grisoni, Larry Stoneham, Pam & Dan Barney,Tom & Judie Baird, Jan & Dan DiCarlo, Dale Himes, John Kilkenny, Vicki & Hamp Hodges, Pat & Bruce Shroyer and Chuck Hodell

John Kilkenny, Dan Barney, John Grisoni, Will Conley (Back), Dan DiCarlo, Tom Baird, Larry Stoneham, Chuck Hodell, John Java, Hamp Hodges, Dale Himes, Bruce Shroyer and Brian Shultz

Joyce Schultz, Kathy Conley, Vicky Hodges, Pam Barney, Judie Baird, Pat Shroyer, Donna Java, Teri Grisoni and Jan DiCarlo

Dale Himes, John Grisoni, Larry Stoneham, John Java, Dan Barney and Chuck Hodell

Teri Grisoni, Pat Shroyer, Judie Baird, Donna Java and Pam Barney

Pat & Bruce Shroyer and Brian Shultz














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