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MacLean Farm Site for June Dallas '61 Social

Sunday, June 5th. John and Carol Jean MacLean invited the Dallas/Fort Worth area Classmates to their farm about 50 miles ESE of Dallas Texas. Dave Eaton, Sheryl and Bud Fritz, R J Wooten, Pam and Jerry Clement, and Susie and Gabe Gabriel made it to the farm.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with each other on what they had been doing recently. For Sheryl and Bud and Susie and Gabe it was another close encounter, the Tuesday before they ran into each other in a Pizza store in Charlotte, NC. All four of them were there visiting with their grandchildren and treating them to Pizza.

There was a lot of conversation, some old stories, some new stories and loads of good food. Everyone decided that they would not worry about how much they ate. It was all so good and so they had to try some of everything. John and Carol Jean went way above and beyond in providing for everyone.

As the sun got lower in the sky everyone moved out on the east side of the house and enjoyed the wonderful weather, throwing a stick in the creek for Missy to fetch, which she did and did and did. Next John brought out a 28 gauge shotgun and a 20 gauge shotgun to let everyone have a try at skeet shooting. John did not embarrass us by shooting, he just manned the machine that tossed the clay pigeons. Everyone got a chance to shoot. Gabe walked off with the Davy Crockett award and Susie got the Annie Oakley award. It was a lot of fun.

People then went inside to eat around a large table. In addition to the brisket, there were ribs and sausage. To finish the evening off there was home made ice cream. What a wonderful day was had by all.

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