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George Joulwan Receives AOG's 2002 Distinguished Graduate Award

In a recent ceremony at West Point, the Association of Graduates
presented George Joulwan with its 2002 Distinguished Graduate Award.  The citation highlighted George's remarkable achievements over the span of his 36 year Army career, from his early days in Germany, through two Vietnam tours, service in the White House, more service in Europe, and tours in JCS and Army DCSOPS.  George returned to Europe as the US Army Europe DCSOPS, the 3rd Armored Division Commander and then V Corps Commander.

George's fourth star came with his selection as the Commander-in-Chief, Southern Command, where his many outstanding accomplishments included significant progress in the drug war. 

George moved from Panama to Mons, Belgium to be the Supreme Allied Commander, Europe.  His service as SACEUR came at a critical time as the US and NATO became increasingly involved in Bosnia. His far-sighted inclusion of Russian forces in Bosnia operations was the basis for the historic NATO-Russian Founding Act, signed in 1997.  George served a total of 18 years in Europe and was the first SACEUR to have
commanded at every level from platoon through corps.

Congratulations to George and Karen on this much deserved recognition.