AOG Names Howard Graves as "USMA Distinguished Graduate"

The Association of Graduates has just awarded Howard Graves the Academy’s “Distinguished Graduate” designation.

According to the AOG definition, the Distinguished Graduate award is given to USMA graduates “whose character, distinguished service, and stature draw wholesome comparison to the qualities that West Point strives for, in keeping with its motto: ‘Duty, Honor, Country’ . . . who have demonstrated a strong interest in supporting West Point throughout their lifetime.

” Previous designees of the “Distinguished Graduate” award include Generals Andrew Goodpaster, Alexander Haig, Matthew Ridgway, Bernard Rogers, Norman Schwarzkopf, Brent Scowcroft, and William Westmoreland, as well as astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Frank Borman, and Mike Collins.

Our congratulations, Howard, on being designated as one of USMA’s Great!

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