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Golf Outing — The Palm Coast Resort — April 25–29, 2001

Thirteen of us participated with several other USMA Classes (about 78 golfers) at The Palm Coast Resort near St Augustine, FL: Dan DiCarlo, Rusty Dyer, Frank Gibson, Bill Griffiths, Ron Hannon, Tom Myrick, Don Sawtelle, Bill Tobin, Paul Vallely, Al Vanderbush, Jerry White, Gene Witherspoon, and Red Zaldo. We all had a great time and all vowed to participate again next year. We all enjoyed each other’s company so much that we are seeking ways to get together more than once a year.

The champion low net golfer with a 67 was our own Dan DiCarlo. In his Trophy Acceptance speech on Saturday night, Dan challenged all at the ’61 table to play better next year, or something to that effect.

Most of us arrived on Wednesday night and played three rounds of golf in varying formats — Thursday, Friday and Saturday — and departed Sunday morning after breakfast. There was ample time for sightseeing and to play second rounds of golf each day and to play on Wednesday and Sunday if one desired. Dinners on Thursday and Saturday nights were hosted by the Tournament Director and included in the package. On Friday night, USMA ’61 sent out the scouts and ended up at The Creekside Dinnery in St. Augustine, just past Home Depot and Long John Silver’s, where we were introduced to “Fish On The Plank.” We will return next year if the tournament is once again at The Palm Coast.

Tom Myrick, USMAPS ’57, and our classmate through Plebe Year, joined us. It was his first contact with the group in 44 years. Tom will make the 40th Reunion in October and has vowed to return with the Golfing Grad Group with a lower handicap.

Although a hospitality suite was established for the whole group our class gathered each evening in Dan DiCarlo’s suite where the wine, liquor, and beer was of the finest quality. I forgot to mention that In addition to being the CHAMPION GOLFER, Dan can and will amaze you with his card tricks and card-playing ability. It was only though the efforts of Gibson and Vanderbush that Zaldo was able to win the big pots.

It was just an unbelievable show of togetherness. Several guys mentioned at the end of the four days that they had never laughed so long and so hard. The memories are GOOD. These guys are just great. As a final show of togetherness, we all asked if we could play together on the last day. At the Awards Dinner, we still did not want to be separated and we pulled tables together. Then, in one amazing gesture, we all held hands and Red Zaldo led us in PRAYER. We concluded the prayer with a rousing AMEN as everyone looked our way and wondered about those guys from ’61 — Second To None!


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