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John G. Evans

Company F-2

28 October 1936 – 22 August 2004

Place of Death: Richmond, VA

Inurned: Blanford Cemetery, Petersburg, VA

John "Jack" Gradwell Evans died Sunday, August 22, 2004 at Henrico Doctor's Hospital in Richmond, VA.

Jack was born October 28, 1936, the son of the late Major General Roy Tripp Evans Jr. and Virginia Hamilton Evans.

He attended the United States Military Academy Preparatory School at Stewart AFB, NY.  The Prep School yearbook notes two things about Jack -- "Most likely potential 20-year Private" and "Another beer, please!"  He entered USMA with the Class of 1961. During his Yearling Year he was turned back to, and graduated with, the Class of 1962.

After graduation from the United States Military Academy at West Point Jack was commissioned in Infantry and completed Ranger and Airborne courses at Fort Benning, GA.

He served in the 82nd Airborne Division and as an infantry advisor in Vietnam in 1964.  He transferred to Quartermaster in 1965.  He returned again to Vietnam in 1969 with the 101st Airborne.  His varied assignments included being an advisor to the USMC and the Canadian Airborne.  He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1981.

Jack made many friends during and after his military career.  He especially wanted to thank his friends at the Rare Olde Times and the Red Hot and Blue who provided companionship during the last stages of his illness.

He is survived by his mother and stepfather, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Reece of Petersburg, VA and two brothers, Roy “Sandy” T. Evans (USMA ’58) of Richmond, VA and Alexander “Ham” H. Evans (USMA ’61) of Tampa, FL.

A graveside service for family and friends was held in Blandford Cemetery in Petersburg, VA at 11 p.m. Friday, August 27, 2004.  He was buried next to his father.

Messages of condolences can be sent to Ham Evans, our classmate and Jack's brother, at 11506 Louvre Place, Temple Terrace, FL  33617, (813) 980-2996, <>.


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Taps Memorial Article:

John G. Evans '62

No. 24389 • 28 Oct 1936 - 22 Aug 2004 • Died in Richmond, VA

Inurned in Blanford Cemetery, Petersburg, VA

John Gradwell “Jack" Evans was born into the Army at Schofield Barracks, HI, to Roy Tripp "Bus" Evans, Jr. '33, and his wife Virginia. Bus was serving with the 27th Infantry Regiment when Jack was born. Jack's early years were very typical for an "Army brat."  He lived in Ft Benning, GA; Tuscaloosa, Ai; Washington, DC; Germany (arriving on the second boat load of American dependents after the war); back to Washington; and then Ft. Lee, VA. In 1963, Bus, a major general, retired from the Army. He passed away in 1976 but saw three of his sons graduate from West Point: Roy Tripp "Sandy" Evans III, in 1958; Alexander Hamilton "Ham" Evans in 1961; and Jack in 1962.

Jack graduated from Petersburg (VA) High School in 1954. During his senior year, he was the president of the Student Council and a starter in both basketball and football.  The next year, he attended St. Christopher's School in Richmond, VA, where he was a standout athlete: a unanimous choice All-Prep fullback in football, a starter on the basketball team, and a participant in baseball and track St. Christopher's maintained a special place in Jack's heart through the years. In 1955, Jack enlisted in the Army and, afTer completing basic training, was assigned to Germany. In 1956, he entered the Military Academy's Prep School at Stewart Field prior to being appointed to West Point with the Class of 1961. Jack completed Plebe year but had a few problems with chemistry as a yearling and was "turned back" to the Class of 1962. He joined the class at the beginning of Yearling year and discovered that academics were easier the second time around.

Jack's F-2 classmates created two affectionate nicknames for Jack: "Gerber" and "The Gerbs," based on his close resemblance to the Gerber baby on the baby food jar. His sophisticated leadership, however, led several F-2 plebes to credit Jack for their success at West Point.

Upon graduation in 1962, Jack was commissioned in the Infantry, completed Airborne and Ranger schools, and was assigned to the 501st Airborne Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, at Ft. Bragg, NC. There, Jack served as aide to the assistant division commander. The assignment was interesting, but brief Jack quit after 29 days, one day short of the time necessary to receive his Officer's Efficiency Report. Ever the practical one, Jack had determined quickly that he and the general were not getting along. To avoid a lengthy; difficult situation, Jack told the general things were not working out and that he wanted to go back to a troop unit. Usually; the general fires the aide, but in this case Jack fired the general!

In 1964, Jack was assigned to Viet Nam, serving as an advisor in the Military Assistance Command, Viet Nam, service for which he was awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge.  After returning from Viet Nam, Jack transferred to the Quartermaster Corps, joining his father and two brothers in the branch. Jack then attended the Quartemaster Officers Advanced Course at Ft. Lee, VA. After the course, he commanded the 612th Quartermaster Aerial Delivery Company at Ft. Bragg. In 1967, he served as an Air Materiel Command liaison officer to the El Centro Naval Air Facility; but in 1969 he returned to Viet Nam with the 101st Airborne Division Support Command. Next, after completing Command and General Staff College in 1971, he was assigned to the Army Standardization Group in Ottawa, Canada.  In 1975, he earned an MS degree from the Florida Institute of Technology and then served in Quality Assurance, Defense Logistics Agency; at Cameron Station. In 1978, he moved to Headquarters, Training and Doctrine Command, for three years before returning to the Quartermaster School as the deputy director of the Airborne Department. In 1981, he retired in the rank of lieutenant colonel.

After retiring from the Army; Jack worked for classmate Bill Mogan at Talley Defense Systems in Mesa, AZ, until 1983. Bill had met Jack at one of classmate Jim Kimsey's bars in DC to watch an Army-Navy game, and he persuaded Jack to move to Arizona, hiring Jack as Talley's marketing manager shortly thereafter. According to Bill, Jack established great rapport with customers and quickly became one of the most popular members of Talley's staff. 

From 1984 to 1986, Jack worked for an old friend and former classmate, John Heintges, in Plano, TX Upon his departure from the JH Management  Company; Jack relocated to Asheville, NC, then to Hampton, VA, and eventually to Pensacola, FL. While in Pensacola, Jack called classmate Jim Ellis, telling Jim he had run into an old high school friend of Jim's. What followed was a long and reflective telephone conversation, which was typical of Jack Jack made friends for life.  He was a genuine, caring person who did not have a false bone in his body-what you saw was what you got. He had absolutely no tolerance for pompous people but was extremely generous and giving to his friends and those in need. Although Jack had many girlfriends through the years, he never married. 

In 2002, Jack's health began to deteriorate and tests confirmed he had cancer. In 2003, Jack relocated to Richmond, and on 22 Aug 2004, he finally succumbed to the disease.  Jack was buried with full military honors next to his father's gravesite at the Blanford Cemetery in Petersburg, VA. 

The family would like to thank all of the people who responded to Jack's passing with phone calls, letters, and e-mails. They are cherished remembrances. Jack will be remembered as a wonderful son, brother, classmate, and friend to those of us who knew him. We all deeply regret Jack's passing and feel a tremendous sense of loss. We will love and miss him always. 

Brothers and classmates