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DC Area Group Holds 12th Annual Sunday Brunch at Fort Belvoir OC

On March 15th, the DC Area Group had its 12th annual Sunday Brunch at the Fort Belvoir Officers Club continuing the tradition started by John Solomon in 1998. 

Attendees this year included Ed and Rina Brown, Emmy Brown, Dick and Trish Buckner, Todd and Millie Counts, Paul DeVries, Joe and Ginna Fishburne, Kim Fox, Bob and Dawn Glass, Bob and Nicole Hamilton, Bob and Priscilla Hardiman, Bob and Ruth Kee, Judy Kremer, Walt Ligon, Bill and Okja Mackie, Pat Prather, Bob Rosenkranz, Bill Wright, and Jack Zimmerman. 

As Bill Wright's pictures shows, everyone had a great time.  Click here to see them.













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