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Class Committee Vision Update


Vision Statement

Current Status

50th Reunion

Select a Chairman for the 50th Reunion Committee (DC area).

Forming 50th reunion committee, principally from DC-area Classmates

Tentatively at Westchester Marriott, Tarrytown

Considering 50th Reunion book

Currently scheduled Sunday, 22 to Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Likely to move to 15-18 May 2011

50-Year Affiliation Program

Actively participate in the 50-year affiliation program with the Class of 2011.

See attached sheet

50th Reunion Class Gift

Select a 50th Reunion Class Gift Committee and run a five-year campaign.

Pat Carroll and Frank Gibson agreed to co-chair the gift committee

Determine a Class Gift for presentation at our 50th Reunion.

Class Committee, in conjunction with gift committee, selected to make a major donation to the endowment for the Center for Oral History

Campaign started in September 2008 with initial solicitation package being sent to all graduates and selected non-grads and widows

$240,000  pledged as of 31 December 2008

Goal is $1 million

Need concerted effort by company representatives to sell the gift

Distinguished Graduate Award

Nominate one or two candidates as distinguished graduates prior to our 50th Reunion.

George Joulwan, Howard Graves, and Jim Nicholson selected

Have a candidate under consideration and hope to nominate him this year for award in 2010

Seek input of other candidates

AOG Board of Directors and Council of Advisors

Seek Classmates to be nominated and elected to serve three-year terms on the Board of Directors (2008-2010) and the Council of Advisors (At-Large) (2008-2010).

Nominated candidates not selected by nominating committee

Director declined to be renominated

Select a Class representative to serve a three-year term on the Council of Advisors (2009-2011).

Gene Witherspoon selected and agreed to serve through 31 Dec 11


Ed Jones is Society Advisor-at-Large (Western Region) through 31 Dec 09

J. B. Taylor is Society Advisor-at-Large (Western Region) through 31 Dec 11

Army Sports Hall of Fame

Nominate candidates for induction into the Army Sports Hall of Fame.

Two nominations submitted for consideration for induction in 2009

40th Reunion Class Gift

Maintain the 40th Reunion Class Gift – Reconciliation Plaza – in perpetuity.

Hudson Valley Horticultural Services Inc. removed the winter creeper, planted pachysandra, and mulched around monuments in 2006

Bruce Shroyer agreed to replace Webb Kremer as POC for maintenance of Reconciliation Plaza

Hudson Valley Horticultural Services Inc. removed pachysandra, installed irrigation system, and planted stella d’ora and liriope in 2008

Hudson Valley Horticultural Services Inc. awarded contract for annual maintenance in 2009


Maintain a program for 3 mini-reunions between the five-year reunions, either aboard a cruise ship or at rotating sites around the country, hosted by different groups of Classmates.  For a cruise – consider a European river cruise, a Mediterranean cruise, a Hawaiian cruise, or a Caribbean cruise.  For rotating sites - consider Pacific NW, California, Florida, New England, or Rockies.

Very successful Danube River Cruise in October 2008

No other class committee supported mini-reunions before 50th reunion

Mini-reunion at Boyne Mountain Resort, 22-26 June 2009 – 29 classmates and 27 spouses tentatively committed



 Continue the outstanding communication in the Assembly.

Marty continues to do a yeoman’s job in preparing the class notes

Continue to maintain a state of the art web site for communication with the Class, including visual and semi-permanent material.

Sam Weiss continues to do a yeoman’s job as web master

Encourage everyone to visit site

Expand the number of Classmates receiving e-mail communication from the Committee on current and time-sensitive communications.

Currently 397 grads, non-grads, and widows have e-mail addresses registered with the AOG

Ed has addresses for another 56 and continues, without much success, to encourage them to register

Communicate by letter to all Classmates – graduates, non-graduates, and widows – at least once every 18 months.

Use web site and e-mails to keep everyone informed

Memorial Article Program

Support Bruce Holmberg in his effort to reduce the number of deceased classmates without published memorial articles.

94 deceased graduates – 43 memorial articles

18 deceased non-graduates – 4 memorial articles

21 memorial articles since 40th reunion of which 12 have been since 45th reunion

Need a volunteer to replace Bruce Holmberg as coordinator


Gradually increase the size of the Admin account, in the belief that fewer will be contributing in the future.

Current balance is $48,072.12

Have not requested dues this decade













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