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Class Committee Vision/Objectives – 2006-2011


  1. Distinguished Graduate Award – Nominate one or two candidates as distinguished graduates prior to our 50th Reunion.


  3. AOG Board of Directors and Council of Advisors –

    1. Seek Classmates to be nominated and elected to serve three-year terms on the Board of Directors (2008-2010) and the Council of Advisors (At-Large) (2008-2010).

    2. Select a Class representative to serve a three-year term on the Council of Advisors (2009-2011).


  5. Army Sports Hall of Fame – Nominate candidates for induction into the Army Sports Hall of Fame.


  7. Class Gifts –

    1. Maintain the 40th Reunion Class Gift – Reconciliation Plaza – in perpetuity.

    2. Select a 50th Reunion Class Gift Committee and run a five-year campaign.

    3. Determine a Class Gift for presentation at our 50th Reunion.


  8. Reunions – Select a Chairman for the 50th Reunion Committee (DC area).


  10. Mini-Reunions – Maintain a program for 3 mini-reunions between the five-year reunions, either aboard a cruise ship or at rotating sites around the country, hosted by different groups of Classmates.  For a cruise – consider a European river cruise, a Mediterranean cruise, a Hawaiian cruise, or a Caribbean cruise.  For rotating sites - consider Pacific NW, California, Florida, New England, or Rockies.


  12. Communications –

    1. Continue the outstanding communication in the Assembly.

    2. Continue to maintain a state of the art web site for communication with the Class, including visual and semi-permanent material.

    3. Expand the number of Classmates receiving e-mail communication from the Committee on current and time-sensitive communications.

    4. Communicate by letter to all Classmates – graduates, non-graduates, and widows – at least once every 18 months.


  13. Memorial Article Program – Support Bruce Holmberg in his effort to reduce the number of deceased classmates without published memorial articles.


  15. 50-Year Affiliation Program – Actively participate in the 50-year affiliation program with the Class of 2011.


  17. Funds – Gradually increase the size of the Admin account, in the belief that fewer will be contributing in the future.














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