USMA Class of 1961

“Second to None”

5 October 2001


Class Committee

Ron Hannon

Vice President
Gene LaBorne

Dick Buckner

Ed Brown

Bill Heiberg

Marty Ganderson

1.      Ron Hannon convened the meeting in the Westchester Marriott at 1015 in conjunction with the 40th Reunion.

2.      Copies of the vu-graphs are at Enclosure 1.

3.      Welcome:  Ron Hannon welcomed the attendees highlighting the topics to be discussed and emphasizing that he intended to end the meeting at 1100.  He completed his welcome with the following prayer:

Lord, you know that I am growing older.
Keep me from becoming talkative and possessed with the idea that I must express myself on every subject.
Release me from the craving to straighten out everyone's affairs.
Keep my mind free from the recital of endless details.
Give me wings to get to the point.
Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally I may be wrong.
Make me thoughtful, not nosey, helpful but not bossy.
With my vast store of wisdom and experience, it does seem a pity not to use it all, but you know, Lord, that I want to have a few friends at the end.


4.      Class Gift Report:

a.      Dick Buckner reported that the final cost of the Class Gift was $1.1 million.  As of August 2001, receipts from donations of classmates and matching corporate donations totaled $1,008,910.47.  Outstanding pledges total $21,312.06.  The sum – $1,030,222.53 – leaves a shortfall of $69,777.47; however, considering funds in the Gift Account prior to the 15 December 1997 start of fundraising, return on investing gift funds, and $70,000 in loans from classmates ($45,000 of which have been reimbursed), the balance in the Gift Fund as of 1 October is $19,386.07. During the Reunion, another $11,480.00 was contributed by classmates –this includes the donation from H-2 in memory of Sandy Walters (see paragraph 10).

b.      On behalf of the Class, Dick thanked Ed Brown, Webb Kremer, and Joe Dahle for their work in seeing the Class Gift through to completion.  Dick was also thanked by classmates in attendance for his fundraising efforts.

5.      Assembly Memorial Articles:  Ed Brown highlighted the progress made in publishing memorial articles for deceased classmates in the Assembly since our 35th Reunion.  He announced that Gabe Gabriel has agreed to become the program coordinator.  Gabe briefly mentioned that he would be sending all classmates a form that, once competed, could be used in preparing memorial articles.

6.      Class Web Site:  John Neiger updated the Class on the Class web page.  A copy of the information paper given to each reunion attendee in the registration packet is at Enclosure 2.

7.      Treasurer’s Report:  Dick Buckner reported that, as of 1 October 2001, the Class Gift Fund has a balance of $19,386.07 and the Class Administrative Fund, which includes reunion registration and event fees, has a balance of $154,134.69.

8.      Class Constitution Changes:  Ed Brown announced that the Class Committee reviewed the Class Constitution approved in 1996 and recommended changes that add phone and e-mail, in addition to mail and facsimile, as means for notification of meetings; extend voting rights to Associate Members; separate the duties of Secretary and Historian; and require minutes of meetings to be posted on Class web site.  The Class approved the changes by voice vote.  The revised Class Constitution is at Enclosure 3.

9.      Election and Installation of Officers:  Ron Hannon announced that he and Gene LaBorne would be stepping down as President and Vice-President after more than 40 years.  The Class Committee established a Nominating Committee chaired by Pete Gleichenhaus that included Bob Cairns, Howard Graves, Alan Lubke, and Jack Nevins as members.  The committee nominated the following slate of officers:  President – Bob Glass; Vice-President – Glen Adams; Treasurer – Dick Buckner; Secretary – Ed Brown; and Historian – Bill Heiberg.  The Class approved the slate by voice vote.

10.      H-2 Presentation in Memory of Sandy Walters:  The family of Sandy Walters requested that donations be made to the Class of 1961 Gift Fund in Sandy’s memory.  Brendan Battle presented Dick Buckner a check for $2,000 donated by Sandy’s H-2 classmates.

11.      Special Recognition:  Ron Hannon recognized the work of the Reunion Committee chaired by Bob Glass.  Also, on behalf of the Class, Ron presented framed prints of “The Salute” by Don Stivers to Ed Brown, Dick Buckner, and Webb Kremer in “…grateful appreciation for their talent, dedication, and service to the Class of 1961 gift.”

Respectfully submitted,

      Ed Brown



Enclosure 1



Enclosure 2


Web Site Information Sheet

Web Master: John Neiger

Your USMA 1961 web site is alive and well. It is like a project with no finish line since it will be continually updated and added to. Have you ever visited our Class Web site? The web address is –

We have been told by AOG that our 1961 Class web site is one of the most visited class web sites on the AOG network. If you have not seen it, please check it out…we’re sure you’ll enjoy it and find some great information that may have passed you by otherwise. Several sections are of particular interest to you:

Profiles Profile Master: Bill Heiberg

Here you’ll find a short page for each 1961er who was on the Plain for the swearing in ceremony on July 2nd, 1957, or who joined "Second to None" from another class. Presently there are about 88 profiles published – leaving many more to publish in the days ahead. We need your help. We request that each classmate keep his profile information current, such as address, telephone number, email address, pictures, etc.

Pictures are welcomed. You can either send the hard copy by snail mail and we’ll scan them in, then return to you; or if you have a scanner, you can scan them…then email. The preferred format for emailing is ".jpg" though we can, with a little effort, change the format. As life progresses, send us pictures and information. Also, if you would like all or parts of your profile password-protected, let us know. And there’s a challenge… who will have the first great grandchild? Or maybe there IS one and we’ve not been told!

Kudos Kudo Master: Bruce Holmberg

This section is designed to document noteworthy events, accomplishments, and achievements in your life. For example: you’ve been elected as the Cub Scoutmaster for your grandchild’s troop; you successfully swam the English Channel; you planted a "61 Second to None" flag on the Mt. Everest summit. Pictures are welcomed. Follow instructions in the "Profiles" section regarding pictures, except direct them to Bruce Holmberg.

LRC (Last Roll Call) LRC Master: Sam Weiss

Tribute Master: Gabe Gabriel

This section honors our classmates who have joined the eternal Long Gray Line. Information in this section can include any or all of the following: a cadet photo, tribute by a close WP friend, tribute by a next of kin, a more recent photo including photos showing next of kin, and the Assembly memorial article, if available. After we collect all the data, we then get authorization from the next of kin

This section has created great interest from several of our fallen classmates’ families who are searching for information on their loved ones. Gabe Gabriel is working to develop accurate records of our deceased classmates. Gabe, with your help, is working at getting tributes up-to-date.

Potpourri Potpourri Master Pro Tem: John Neiger

This section contains pictures from times gone by. Several classmates have contributed these pictures and we have published them for all to see. There’s just one problem…we aren’t able to identify some of the classmates, wives, friends, and children. HELP! If you can identify any – please do so, and send John Neiger.

If you have any pictures you want to share, follow the photo instructions found in the "Profile" section. It will be extremely helpful if you identify as many people as you can and tell us where and when the photo was taken.

Social Events Social Event Master Pro Tem: John Neiger

Here you will find pictures of special social events such as weddings, regional get-togethers, etc. Pictures from the 40th reunion will be published here and will be available for viewing in 7-14 days following the event. If you have pictures that you think would fall in this category, please send them along and we’ll post them for all to see. Again, follow photo instruction in the "Profiles" section and forward pictures to John Neiger.

Class Leaders Class Leaders Master: John Neiger

List of the Class officers, and those who are leaders in USMA activities -- such as West Point Society officers and AOG trustees.

40th Reunion Class Gift Master: Webb Kremer

We plan to keep this section active after the Reunion to describe the Class Gift and list those that attended the event. Pictures of the Class Gift Presentation ceremony will be included here also. We also plan to have a video of the Class Gift presentation for all to review in later years.

Photo Parade Photo Parade Master: John Neiger

If you would like to receive 40th Reunion Photo Parades by e-mail, send John an e-mail of your request. The Photo Parade is an electronic photo album to view on your computer. We will be making several Photo Parades. On 4 Oct an historical Class of ’61 Parade will be shown, and on 5 Oct there will be a Last Roll Call Parade. There will also be separate Parades made of the various Reunion days’ events, including a separate Parade of the presentation of the Class Gift.

Please note: you must download these Photo Parades within seven (7) days of receipt, or you will not be able to access the data. Once you have accessed it, you may view it at that time or any time thereafter that suits your schedule. You will also be able to email any of the Parades to family and friends.

Need for More Web Site Volunteers for Class Web Site Management!

In order to keep our Class of 1961 web site dynamic and up-to-date, we need others to volunteer to take responsibility for the various web site functions.

The following web site pages need assistance from folks who can keep them up to date and maintain "Second to None" quality standards – Potpourri Master and Social Events Master. We also need someone who is fluent in "htmL-ese" and/or web design for any "fixes" we may need to apply, and for any redesign that may be needed in the future. If you’re interested in helping the Class manage our web site, please contact John Neiger by email at or by phone at 703.978.7776.

Web Site Helpers Outside the Class

In addition to class members, we acknowledge the following people who have assisted in the development and maintenance of the ’61 web site:

Col. Tom Mulyca AOG VP for Information Systems, who is responsible for the AOG web site. He has been

very helpful leading us along the way.

Tony Ferraiuolo AOG "Man on the Scene" – The person who "Gets it Done for ’61".

Brenda George AOG person who taught Tom Mulyca all he knows. J

Jennifer Butler One of the two assistants who make Tony look so good. J

Jen Britney The other assistant who makes Tony shine. J

Your Input and Contribution

Remember – this web site belongs to every person who was on the Plain on July 2, 1957 or who joined " ’61 Second to None" from another class. Your Web Site Committee looks forward to hearing from you. Whether you have questions, suggestions, corrections or additions, we value your input. Please contact the appropriate Section Master for your input regarding a specific section. Any other input of a general nature should be directed to John Neiger.

Also, remember that many hands lighten the burden. Please consider how you might assist in the continuing effort of maintaining our most excellent WP class web site and which AOG has acknowledged as second to none! We need your help in the Potpourri and Social Events Section! You might also contact the other Section Masters to see how you can assist them.

And most of all…keep those cards, letters, pictures and emails coming!

From Your Class Of ’61 Web Site Committee ~~~


            Gabe Gabriel                                                                          Webb Kremer

            660 Preston Forest Center                                                    6849 Murray Lane

PMB 202                                                                                Annandale VA  22003

Dallas TX  75230


            Bill Heiberg                                                                            John Neiger

            3204 Bayview Drive                                                              11127 Robert Carter Road

            Church Creek, MD  21622                                                    Fairfax Station VA  22039-1316


            Bruce Holmberg                                                                     Sam Weiss

            3 Old Creek Court                                                                 5555 SW Seymour Court

            Rockville MD 20855                                                             Portland OR  97221


Enclosure 3

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