USMA Class of 1961

“Second to None”

4 April 2007


Class Committee

Bob Glass

Vice President
Glen Adams

Dick Buckner

Ed Brown

Marty Ganderson

1.      Bob Glass convened the meeting at 1920.  Members present were Bob, Ed, and Marty.  Glen participated by speaker phone.  Dick was not able to attend.

2.      Old Business:

a.       Minutes of 24 Aug 06 Meeting and 45th Reunion Business Meeting:  Minutes for both meetings were not published.  The slides used at the 45th Reunion Business Meeting, together with the Class Committee Vision and the 50-Year Affiliation Program handouts, are on the Class web site.

b.  Reconciliation Plaza Maintenance:

(1)        At the 24 Aug 06 Class Committee meeting, the Committee approved the 22 Aug 06 proposal from Jim Presutti of Hudson Valley Horticultural Services, Inc. to perform monthly visits for policing and weeding Reconciliation Plaza and 4-visit program to provide fertilizer, weed control, and insect control to the lawn area in front of the monuments at an annual cost of $1,880.00.

(2)        Conversations with Webb indicate that maintenance of site is in accordance with the contract.

c.       Memorial Article Program:

(1)        At the 24 Aug 06 meeting, Bob reported that Bruce Holmberg has agreed to become the Class Memorial Article Coordinator.  Subsequently, Bob sent a letter to cadet company commanders asking their help in being the cadet company coordinator and tasking a Classmate to either write the memorial article or be the cadet company coordinator to ensure the articles are written.  The goal is to have a majority of memorial articles published by our 50th reunion.

(2)        Bruce has developed a self-written memorial article form that was sent to the class on 29 Jan 07.  This form allows graduates to get the most pertinent information about them on paper to assist those who will be asked to write the Memorial Article.  Each classmate has been asked to complete the form and send it to the AOG where it will be filed for future use.

(3)        Bruce has informed the class committee that articles for Terry Alexander, Jim Weaver, and John Sommercamp are at the AOG for publication.  In addition, Bruce reported that articles for Herky Hodge and Monroe Harden are being written.

(4)        Once those five articles are published, 63 of our 103 deceased classmates will still need memorial articles. 

d.      Prostate Cancer Support Group:

(1)        Stan Bacon, ’58, contacted Ed in Aug 06 regarding the feasibility of our class setting up a prostate cancer support group that would mirror similar programs established by other classes.

(2)        At the 24 Aug 06 meeting, the committee recommended that Bill Mackie be contacted to see if he would agree to be the class POC.  Ed agreed to follow-up on this.

3.      New Business:

a.       Treasurer’s Report:  Balances as of 31 March are:

(1)        Class Admin Fund: $84,275.74 (includes the 19 March Cruise Deposit of $29,600.00 but does not include the 2 April deposit of $24,400.00).

(2)        Class Gift Fund: $187, 717.97.

b.      45th Reunion Excess Funds:  The committee approved the recommendation to incorporate the excess funds from the 45th Reunion, approximately $25,000, into the Class Admin Fund and earmark them for the 50th Reunion.

c.       Nominations for AOG Director and Council of Advisors:

(1)        Bob noted that our class no longer has any class representation on the AOG Board of Directors or as an advisor-at-large on the Council of Advisors (JB Taylor is Society representative on Council of Advisors).

(2)        At the 45th Reunion Business Meeting, Bob asked for nominations for these positions but none have been forthcoming.

(3)        Bob agreed to contact Bob McClure, the new AOG President, to see when nominations are due; however, the committee agreed it probably would not seek volunteers to be nominated in 2007.

(4)        Our class will have a class member on Council of Advisors 1 Jan 09-31 Dec 11.  The committee will have to identify its selection for that position in 2008.

d.      Army Sports Hall of Fame:  The committee discussed which classmates would be candidates for nomination and agreed that Dick Buckner chair a subcommittee to identify classmates from each sport for nomination.  Nominations for 2008 must be submitted between 1 Aug 07 and 1 Feb 08.

e.       50th Reunion Committee:  The committee agreed that the core from the 40th reunion committee would constitute the core for the 50th reunion committee.  Bob agreed to contact the Westchester Marriott to see when we would have to reserve the hotel for late May 2011.

f.        50th Reunion Class Gift:

(1)        Bob notified the committee that Pat Carroll has agreed to chair the 50th Reunion Class Gift Committee and has started to form his committee.

(2)        Pat is thinking that our class gift should be something to benefit cadets.  Bob agreed to contact Duston Saunders, AOG Director of Class & Annual Giving, to get the latest list of needs.

(3)        Bob expects Pat to meet with the class committee sometime in mid-May to discuss the gift and establish milestones.

g.       2008 Class Cruise:

(1)        Bob notified the committee that the 2008 Class Cruise on the Danube is sold out.  All 74 cabins are reserved by classmates and a waiting list has been established.

(2)        The cruise committee will determine the final cost for each cabin category once all fixed costs are identified; however, the class committee directed that $100 of each couple’s deposit would be held in the Class Admin Fund for contingencies.

(3)        At the request of the cruise committee, the class committee determined that, if cabins become available, classmates with reservations would have priority for upgrades over classmates seeking reservations.

(4)        The class committee also considered and rejected the cruise committee proposal for cabin assignment by World Tek and directed that the cruise committee assign cabins.

h.       2007 50-Year Affiliation Program Events:  Ed outlined the events as follows:

(1)        R-Day – 2 July:

(a)        Reception for parents, family, and friends of Class of 2011 at the Great Hall in Herbert Hall.  Approximately 8-10 classmates will meet and greet family members and be part of Official Party during Swearing-in Ceremony.  Cost:  approximately $3,500.00.

(b)        Ed will recommend class representatives to Bob who will request their participation.

(2)        March Back – 12-13 Aug:

(a)        Stan Conway-Clough has volunteered to be the class POC.

(b)        There are two options – 12 miles from Camp Buckner (limited to 160 grads – 50 from 1961) or 2 miles from ski slope (unlimited number of grads)

(c)        The cost in 2006 was $120 per attendee that pays for polo shirt, hat, transportation, snacks for 12-mile marchers, coffee and snacks at ski slope, and brunch at Ike Hall.  There is no cost to the class.

(d)        The uniform is khaki trou or shorts and issued polo shirt and cap.

(e)        The Class of ’60 Survival Strategy for the 12-Mile Hike is a good source of information on what to expect and how to train for the march back.

(f)          Registration information should be forthcoming from Vince McDermott sometime in May.

(g)        The Class of ’61 has blocked 20-rooms at the Holiday Inn Express in Fort Montgomery ($98 + tax per night) and 10-rooms at the West Point Motel ($85 + tax per night) for 12-13 Aug.  The blocks expire 14 July.

(h)        There is an additional 50-room block at Thayer Hotel available to all classes.  Details to follow.

(i)          Ed will get with Stan and send a preliminary message to the class with all current information to include instructions for making hotel reservations.

(3)        Acceptance Day Parade – 18 Aug:  Bob will represent the class in the reviewing party.

i.         2007 AOG Leaders’ Conference:  The conference is scheduled 16-18 Aug.  It is anticipated that Bob, Ed, and Dick will attend.

j.        Other:

(1)        Walter Reed Volunteer Program:  Hank Kenny is enlisting the assistance of our classmates to join the Class of ’58 in mentoring wounded soldiers and marines at Walter Reed.

(2)        DC Area Class Leaders Meeting:  Ed announced that the next meeting is 1000-1400, 19 June.

4.      The meeting adjourned at 2150.  The date for the next meeting is to be determined.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Brown