USMA Class of 1961

“Second to None”

19 November 2014


Class Committee

Bob Glass

Vice President
Bruce Shroyer

Dick Buckner

Ed Brown

Marty Ganderson

Lucy Paone

1.      The class committee met by conference call at 1000.  Members participating were Bob Glass, Bruce Shroyer, Dick Buckner, Ed Brown, and Marty Ganderson.  Lucy Paone was not able to participate because of previous obligations.  A synopsis of the committee’s discussions follows.

2.      Treasurer’s Update – Gift and Admin Funds:

a.       Admin – $56,279.80

b.      Gift – $325,825.84

c.       Dick will check expenditures since the committee’s 15 Feb 14 meeting to verify balances.

3.      Secretary’s Report:

a.       Living Graduates:  399 of 534 (74.7%)

b.      Deceased Classmates:  Grads – 135 (25.3%)

c.       Living Grads with Addresses:  398

d.      Living Non-Grads with Addresses:  51

e.       Deceased Non-Grads – 50 including 23 determined by comparing names and dates of birth with the Social Security Death Index

f.       Classmates with Mailing Addresses – 548, includes widows and non-grads

g.      Widows with Mailing Addresses – 99

h.      E-Mail Addresses – 494

i.        E-Mail Addresses at the AOG – 436

j.        Widowers – 37

4.      Maintenance of Reconciliation Plaza (2014 and 2015):

a.       $10,000 proffer for continued maintenance awaiting legal review and approval

b.      Expenditures are not tied to a specific calendar year

c.       Committee approved $4,000 payment for 2014 maintenance

d.      Bruce will work with Jim Presutti (maintenance contractor) to ensure timely submission of invoices to meet his expenditures

e.       Bruce will contact Rock of Ages to investigate cleaning of monuments

5.      Carol Duryea (AOG Finance) – Dick will determine how to send $100 to Carol as a gift for the dedicated service to our class

6.      55th Reunion:

a.       12-18 May 2016

b.      Bob signed contract with Park Ridge Marriott, Park Ridge NJ, on 1 Oct

c.       200 rooms have been set aside; information for making individual reservations will be forthcoming

7.      Button Maker Machine Maintenance (pre 55th Reunion) – The committee authorized Dick to spend no more than $300 to upgrade equipment for making 55th reunion name buttons for the men and nametags for the women.

8.      2015 Orlando mini-reunion:

a.       21-26 Jan 15

b.      Gary’s messages were sent to the class on 6 Oct and 18 Nov

c.       28 classmates have answered survey indicating they will attend

9.      Cruises:

a.       30 Nov-7 Dec 14 – Danube River Christmas Markets Cruise

b.      15-22 Sep 15 – Amsterdam to Basil River Cruise

10.     Golfing Grads:

a.       16-18 April 2015 at the Grand National Golf Club, Auburn/Opelika, AL

b.      More information is available on our class web site –

11.     Army Sports Hall of Fame:

a.       Bob noted that Bob Kewley had not been selected for the second consecutive year

b.      His nomination should still be valid and the committee hopes he is selected in 2015

12.     The meeting ended at 1145.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Brown