USMA Class of 1961

“Second to None”

17 February 2004


Class Committee

Bob Glass

Vice President
Glen Adams

Dick Buckner

Ed Brown

Marty Ganderson

1.      Bob Glass convened the meeting at 1930 hours.  Members present were Bob, Dick, Marty, and Ed.  Glen participated by speaker phone.

2.       Old Business:

a.       Minutes of the 9 October 2003 meeting:  The minutes were approved as amended.

b.      2004 Distinguished Graduate Award:  Bob announced those recognized as 2004 Distinguished Graduates:  GEN (R) William A. Knowlton, Jan ’43; GEN (R) Robert M. Shoemaker, ’46; COL (R) Ralph Puckett, Jr., ’49; COL (R) David R. Hughes, ’50; Mr. Denis F. Mullane, ’52; GEN (R) Glenn K. Otis, ’53; and COL (R) John A. Feagin, Jr., ’55.

c.       45th Reunion:

(1)        Bob discussed the 45th Reunion Committee’s consideration of hiring Joan Emmer to coordinate the reunion. From Mick Maus’s conversation with Joan, it seems that she is willing to tailor her efforts to meet the class’s needs, i.e., the class can do what it wants to do and contract with her for whatever portion the class might desire.  Mick thinks the class needs to keep open the option of using her services.

(2)        The committee discussed the willingness of some individuals from the 40th reunion committee (Bill Mackie, Dick Buckner, and Ed Brown) to perform the same functions for the 45th; however, the committee does not want to direct how the 45th reunion committee accomplishes its task.  Bob agreed to ask Mick to contact Dick and Ed and discuss what functions should be accomplished by classmates and what can be contracted out.  Once the division of functions is decided the committee would like the 45th reunion committee to develop a scope of work for Joan and determine what her services would cost.

d.      2004 Class Cruise:  Bob reported that as of today 78 people (36 classmates with spouses, 2 widows, 2 daughters of a classmate, and 1 member of the class of 1962 who is a former classmate) have signed up for the 25 July-1 August 2004 Alaska cruise.

e.       Reconciliation Plaza Maintenance:  Since the 9 October 2003 meeting, circumstances have precluded Ed and Webb from establishing a maintenance contract for Reconciliation Plaza.

f.        Class Discussion Forum:

(1)        Ed reported that Roy Busdiecker provided information concerning establishing an Internet discussion site. Roy found an introductory offer of three years of free web site hosting with ample storage and traffic allowances that would support a class discussion forum.  He registered three URLs –,, and – at a cost of $18, all of which can be hosted on the free site.  Roy agreed to set up and maintain the site as time permits.

(2)        Subsequently, Ed learned that the Class of 1952 established a discussion site through the AOG server.  Roy’s position is the class should take advantage of the AOG’s software and experience in establishing a discussion site rather than seeking to establish one on our own.  Tony Ferraiuolo provided the steps necessary to establish such a site.  Ed stated that, if established, the site would be by subscription only, i.e., classmates would have to sign onto the site and could sign off if they so desired.  In addition, the site would have to be moderated, that is, someone would have to approve/disapprove messages being posted to the site.

3.      New Business:

a.       Treasurer’s Report:  Dick Buckner provided the following status of funds:

(1)        Class Administrative Fund:  The current balance is $47,941.66.

(2)        Class Gift Fund:  The current balance is $56,022.27, an increase of $13,783.21 since 9 October 2003.  This includes continuing pledges to the 40th Reunion Class Gift Project (Reconciliation Plaza) and new donations.

b.      50th Reunion Gift:  The committee discussed initiating a fund raising drive for the class gift to be presented at our 50th reunion.  The committee determined that the 50th Reunion Gift  Committee should be established prior to the 45th reunion and Dick agreed to contact Bob Lenz for guidance.

c.       Other:

(1)        DC Area Meeting:  Ed mentioned that DC area class leaders meeting, a prelude to the 12-14 August AOG Leaders Conference, will be held on 4 May at the Army-Navy Country Club.

(2)        Donation Acknowledgments:  Ed reported he has received acknowledgments of contributions in memory of Howard Graves and Diane Mace from the MD Anderson Cancer Center and the National Kidney Foundation, respectively.  In addition, Gracie Graves sent a thank you note to the class for its donation.

(3)        Vision:  Bob asked the committee to review the March 2003 version of the Class Committee Vision/Objectives so that it can be updated at our next meeting.  Ed will provide a copy to each member before the meeting.

4.      The committee agreed to tentatively schedule the next meeting during the second week of May depending on members’ schedules.  The meeting adjourned at 2130.


Respectfully submitted,

Ed Brown