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Seated (l to r) Jim Jackson, Mick Seidl, Phil Ringdahl, Manny Scivoletto, Larry Stoneham, Gary Flack. 

Standing (l to r) Jim Connolly, Larry  Heikkila, Jim Mathison, Ron Barrick, Bill Madsen

Missing:  Pete Gleichenhaus



Standing back row (l to r) Jim Connolly, Larry Heikkela, Jim Mathison, Ron Barrick, Bill Madsen 

Middle row, standing (l to r) Pat Jackson, Jim Jackson, Marilyn Allen, Manny Scivoletto, Eloise Flack, Phil Ringdahl, Mick Seidl,
Gary Flack, Larry Stoneham, Linda Connolly

Front row seated (l to r) Margo Heikkila, Judith Ringdahl, Marie Seidl, Lorna Mathison, Kathy Stoneham, Kay Scivoletto

Missing:  Pete and Barbara Gleichenhaus, Barbara Madsen



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