USMA 1961

Regi Brown sworn in as Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs.

The Pentagon

July 31, 2001

Secretary of the Army Tom White (WP '67) swore Regi Brown in as the new ASA, M&RA in a ceremony at the Pentagon on July 31, 2001. Secretary White's remarks about Regi's selection indicated that he had three criteria for the person selected for this job: that the candidate knew and loved the Army, know their way around the government, and knew the business world. Secretary White went on to say that Regi fit those criteria perfectly, serving as a soldier, a senior member of USAID, and most recently, the head of his own business.

Regi's appointment will directly involve him in the Army's transformation and the adoption of best practices from civilian industry and comes at a crucial time for the Army.

Regi's family was in attendance as were a number of classmates and wives. Regi, in a warm gesture honoring those classmates that attended, named them to Secretary White as they entered the room.

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